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Agriculture,Irrigation,Livestock,Fisheries And Veterinary Services

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Agriculture,Irrigation,Livestock,Fisheries And Veterinary Services


To be the leading agent of food security for all, employment creation, income generation, poverty reduction through provision of extension services and irrigation development in Mandera County

To improve the livelihoods of the people of Mandera County by promoting competitive farming as a business through appropriate policy environment, effective support services and sustainable natural resources management.

Core Values

    Gender equity
    Result Oriented
    Customer Satisfaction


Role of the Ministry OF Agriculture and Irrigation

    Formulate, implement and monitor agricultural legislations, regulations and policies
    Provide agricultural extension services in the county
    Support agricultural research and promote technology delivery
    Develop, implement and coordinate programmes in the agricultural sector
    Regulation and quality control of inputs, produce and products from the agricultural sector
    Management and control of pests and diseases in crops
    Promote management and conservation of the natural resource base for agriculture
    Collect, maintain and manage information on the agricultural sector in the County
    Appraisal of project proposals and designs;
    Maintain an appropriate Monitoring and Evaluation system.

On going project

    Revival of 6 irrigation schemes and Expansion
        Gadudia and BPI - Complete and to be expanded
        Hareri, Aresa, Qumbiso - will be complete within this financial year
        Shantoley  - will be complete within this financial year

    Input subsidies to the farmers
        Chemical and Fertilers
    Capacity building of farmers on current farming trends and Technology
    Improvement of extension services and fast service delivery
    Extension of canals and bush clearing in diffrent farms

Up coming projects:

    Opening up of Koroney and Bokolow farms for irrigation farming
    Green House tech farming in dry areas
    New schemes and strengthening of the existing ones
    Management and control of prosopis juliflora (Mathenge)
    Fruit processing factory
    Wells, dams and tanks for rain water harvesting for irrigation use
    Njaa marufuku Kenya (County Fund) for farmers groups

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