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The Ministry is headed by Abdiaziz Sheikh Maad

To be a leading agency of excellence in Public Service Management, coordination and development in a peaceful and cohesive County.

To provide policy direction in Public Service Management, advice on appropriate organizational structures, initiate and coordinate human resource management reforms to improve service delivery for sustainable socio-economic development and to promote a cohesive society whose values are harmonious and integrative.

The main goal of the Ministry is to develop and sustain a Competitive and adaptive Public Service human resource pool to meet the requirements of the County and regionally competitive and prosperous County.

The Ministry subscribes and is committed to values that guide the culture, identity and unity of purpose in the implementation of the Ministry’s mandate. Our core values include:
  • Honesty and Integrity: To enhance customer confidence in our services, we shall meet customer expectations by carrying out duties and responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
  • Professional Work Ethics and Meritocracy: We shall adhere to best practices, professional standards and ethics to continuously improve service delivery.
  • Innovation and Creativity: We shall continue to promote innovation and creativity through research, regular brainstorming sessions and exchange of ideas at all levels so as to tap the full potential of our staff.
  • Accountability and Transparency: We shall adopt a governance structure that promotes and supports accountability and transparency. We shall encourage our customers to provide feedback and proposals on improvement of service delivery.
  • Teamwork: We shall collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to achieve our goals and objectives through consultations, consensus building, participation, and consideration of diversity of opinion and experiences
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction, Work and Good
  • Corporate Image: We shall carry our duties with unwavering commitment to our customers with respect to quality and timeliness of service. We shall at all times treat our customers with utmost respect, courtesy, fairness and impartiality.
  • Timeliness: We shall endeavor to meet set deadlines in all activities for the satisfaction of our customers
The Governor of Mandera County created the Ministry of State for Public Service Conflict Resolution Cohesion and Integration (CMPSCRCI) to provide strategic leadership and guidance to the Public service on the human resource management and development and cohesion and integration and further outlined the following key functions
  • County Public Service Management; Coordination of the development and implementation of Public Service Management strategies and guidelines and service deliveries within the County.
  • Work closely with County public service board on staffing
  • Public communication on matters of County government; Compiling information on County Government of Mandera activities and achievement to the public
  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • Performance management and monitoring of public services
  • Research, development and service delivery innovations
  • Training and capacity building
  • Career design and development
  • Public sector, operational standards and process re-engineering
  • County government reception

Conflict Resolution, Cohesion and Integration Division

  • Implementation and review of policies, strategies and programs on cohesion and conflict management
  • Cross border conflict management including Conflict resolution panels and Committees
  • County cohesion initiatives including setting up structures to promote cohesion and integration
  • County security issues and inter communal joint initiatives
  • Disaster relief  management and coordination of humanitarian support
  • Dissemination of information to the public
  • Public participation initiatives including participatory public monitoring systems

The CPSB was established under the County Government Act of 2012

The mandate of the CPSB   is to constitute a harmonized, competitive and sustainable County public service work force and propose to SRC remunerations package for the entire Public Service through regular review of remuneration to attract and retain quality and competitive staff in the Public Service staff. Functionally, the CPSB is a semi-autonomous County government agency with full secretariat staff
So far CPSB has recruited  chief officers, sub county administrators and their deputies, Town administrators and ward administrators, supply chain staff and Revenue staff. They are in the process recruiting county secretary, departmental technical staff and other cadres relevant to various departments.

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