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Roads, Transport & Public Works

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In the last five years, Mandera County Government has made substantial public investment in the public infrastructure sector, in fact the largest ever investment in one sector in the county. Currently the investment in the sector stands at slightly over Sh6 billion.
The first strategic plan (2013-2017) of the Ministry of Roads, Public Works and Transport saw the county embarking on an elaborate plan to address all the challenges associated with public infrastructure. This was done by setting up the following objectives and strategies:

  1. To facilitate the construction, upgrading, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the road infrastructure in Mandera County, so as to enhance regional connectivity for sustainable socioeconomic development in line with Kenya Vision 2030.   
  2. Build capacity of infrastructure, personnel and equipment.
  3. Facilitate public private partnerships to drive the development agenda.
  4. Citizen participation in the planning and execution of projects and programmes in civic education.
  5. Attract, hire, develop and retain an effective, diverse, professional, dedicated and responsive team of employees.
  6. Empower employees at every level to provide county services with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  7.  Develop employees to become leaders who promote ethics, innovation, service, accountability and peak performance.

To provide quality road and transportation infrastructure to spur socio-economic growth in Mandera County and the region and large.

To stream line the roads, transport and public works portfolio so as to achieve the desired goal of providing the county citizens with world class roads infrastructure.



  • Design and Construction into Bitumen standard the roads in the County Headquarters’( 20KM)
  • Design  of an International Airport
  • Construction and rehabilitation of inter constituency roads into all-weather Murram road.
  • Construction and equipping of governor’s residence
  • Construction of sub-county headquarters (Banissa and Lafey).
  • Design and Construction of county Rest house
  • Design and Construction of County Headquarters
  • Construction of Executives office block
  • Construction of boundary wall
  • Fencing of Elwak road camp.  
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