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 Mandera County Public Service Board invites applications from suitable and qualified Kenya Citizens to fill the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012.

Host Governor Brother Ali Korane, Senior officials from Garissa County Government, Delegations from partner counties, Partners from the National Government Private sector partners Officials from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to be part of this very important high-level stakeholder consultation seeking to create an inclusive and responsive Garissa Integrated socio-economic Development Plan.

As the Chairman of Frontier counties Development Council, it is important to note that three of FCDC counties—Garissa, Wajir, and Turkana have been hosting refugees for over two and half decades, with attendant and exacerbated impacts on the environment, natural resources, infrastructure, economy, and service delivery for the hosting communities.

As FCDC Counties we believe in an innovative approach which is inclusive of both refugee and host populations. It is my hope that the discussion and resolutions here will be in tandem with the Socio-Economic Blue Print for the Frontier Counties Development Council marshal plan.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The county governments are now responsible for delivering basic services including early childhood development, health, agriculture extension, water and sanitation, and environmental services.

Because of the challenges of climate change I urge discussants to pay great attention to interventions that will improve the resilience of our people, and our counties from the negative impacts of climate change.

Experts from World Bank and UNHCR have severally argued that capacity of the three refugee hosting counties, Garissa, Turkana, and Wajir, are relatively weak. Our counties need support to deal firmly with the attendant challenges and without compromising the conditions of host populations who are ranked as the poorest across Kenya.

Refugee camps are not simply places where temporary protection and primary assistance are provided, but also places in which political and social production occurs.

Kenya has many success stories of refugees who have ventured into productivity within the refugee camps. We may need to use such case studies and replicate them.

It is time we looked at refugee camps with a different lens. These camps host people who have abilities to add value to our county and national economies. Before fleeing their home countries some of these displaced persons were respected pastoralists, trained professionals, business people, owned homes, and supported families. Such an unfortunate scenario can befall anybody. We do not have to condemn our brothers and sisters to camps and deny them opportunities to grow themselves and grow our county economies too.

Refugees provide a ready market, they push the growth of urban settlements and they have expenditure on goods and services. Together we can harness the potential and role of private sector in our counties hosting refugees.

With these many remarks I wish you fruitful discussions and I look forward to recommendations that will better our counties that host refugee populations.

Lands department embarks on digitization of land records

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 07:30 Written by

Ministry of Lands is dedicated towards improved service delivery and has now commenced massive land rent campaign.

The Department of Lands has embarked on Digitization of land records in mandera East.
The excersise kicked off in mandera Township location today and continue until end of December 2019.
The objective of process is to streamline and reduce property disputes through electronic public register.

The department of lands has initiated
land-based revenue enhancement plan while establishing and maintaining strong working relationship with the area chiefs in Mandera East sub county.

Plot owners are encouraged to visit their respective chief’s office accompanied with their land owneship documents for verification and registration.

Mandera county public service board wishes to notify the public that the recent recruitment and appointment of May 2019 has been cancelled. The board will re-advertise the positions afresh.


Mandera County’s Ministry of health led by CEC Dr. Mohamud Eda has in the past few days instituted active intervention and control measures at Kutulo sub-county which had an outbreak of cholera. The Ministry set up a cholera treatment centre (CTC) with sufficient supplies and staff to make sure the disease is arrested and further spread prevented. The index case was an imported one from Nairobi.

Since the outbreak, a total of 102 cases were detected and treated, with no deaths occurring among patients who came to CTC in time. We only lost one child due to delay at home by the parents. We are Sory about that one particular case.

The last 24 hours, we have recorded only 3 admissions. Apart from the active case management, a team of public health officers are leading community interventions together with Community Health Workers and volunteers.

The Ministry has also activated Health rapid response teams in all sub-counties, in view of the situation to detect and deal with any spill-over effects. Public sensitization on hygiene, provision of water treatment tools and information on disease prevention strategies are on- going in all the sub-counties.

We would like to encourage the public to seek help in case of any illness and report to nearest facilities for any health situation that is out the ordinary. Hand washing and using acqua tabs or boiling drinking water is advised.

As from Monday this week InshaAllah, public health officers in all the sub-counties will go round all schools to inspect sanitary situation and deliver health education talks. Kaa chonjo! Stay safe! Observe personal hygiene and drink safe water!

A team led by the Mandera Water and Sewerage Company (MANWASCO) CEO Mr. Abdikadir Tache has concluded community public participation exercise for the proposed water project which is funded by Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF) under Green Growth and Employment program (GGEP).

The project which is expected to particularly benefit the residents of Sake (Mandera West) and Lanqura (Mandera North) will see the construction of 50,000 cubic metres dam, solar pumping set and elevated tank, sanitation facilities, Cattle trough and the plantation of 2500 drought resistant trees.

The residents of Sake and Lanqura immensely appreciated Mandera County Government and the donor for prioritizing water needs for both human and livestock. The project which is funded to the tune of KSHs. 70 million once commenced is expected to be completed in 6 months.

Governor Roba’s administration remains committed to increasing access to efficient, safe and affordable water and sewerage services.

Mandera County Government wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 under Articles 176 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012 section 58.

Please click the downloads link below.

Advert - County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2019

Monday, 18 February 2019 08:20 Written by

The County Government of Mandera is in the process of preparing its 2019 County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) in line with section 117 of PFM Act 2012.

Pursuant to provisions of article 10 (2) (a), 196 (1) (b) and 210 (a) of Constitution of Kenya and section 132 of Public Finance Management, members of the public are hereby invited to give their inputs  in the CFSP as scheduled here under.



Sub county




Mandera East

Sub county administrator boardroom




Sub county administrator boardroom

2: 30pm




Sub county administrator boardroom




Sub county administrator boardroom

2: 30PM



Sub county administrator boardroom




Sub county administrator boardroom

2: 30pm





Enforcement and Inspectorate services are now under the full command of the department of Devolved Units headed by the County Chief Officer (CCO) lawyer Yussuf Dido. The Directorate was initially under the department Conflict Management, Cohesion and Integration headed by Mr. Mohamed Harun before the change of guard today in a ceremony presided over by the County Secretary (CS) Mr. Abdinur Maalim Hussein.

While giving his remarks during the handover ceremony, the CS as the head of public service reaffirmed the commitment of his office to support the activities of the department. He however cautioned against misuse of public properties, urging the team to serve the Mandera residents with due diligence.

On his part, CCO Yussuf reiterated that his department will strengthen public participation in all county government activities with the aim of achieving the common aspiration of the people of Mandera. He further assured the county boss H.E Governor Ali Roba that he will utilize his skills and experience to perform remarkably as the head of department.

Governor Roba's administration established the Inspectorate and Enforcement Department with the main objective of ensuring successful implementation of all activities and operations and enforcements of County by-laws. It has been the strategic objective of the unit to facilitate enforcement and compliance which entailed education and awareness creation on county laws, stakeholders meeting and sensitization meeting for the general public.

The inspectorate and enforcement unit headed by Mr. Eymoy Abdullahi works closely with existing government Ministries to practically enforce the relevant laws in public health, Sanitation, Construction, revenue collection among others.


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