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Mandera County Governor H.E Ali Ibrahim Roba today attended peace tournament organized by Northern Frontier Youth League (NoFLY) at the Geneva sports ground in Mandera town.

The tournament is dedicated to advocacy and coordination of work in support of ending gender based violence, calls for implementation of human rights obligations, end militarism and violence against women, youth radicalization among others.

The Governor was encouraged by the vigor and enthusiasm the youths showed in pushing through the program. The County Government has purchased and distributed sports gear to all schools effectively reviving sporting activities and thereby increasing interest in schooling as well as engaging the youth in meaningful activities, shunning tribalism and keep radicalization at bay.

The Governor applauded Mandera East legislator Hon.Abdulaziz Farah, Woman MP Hon Fathia Mahbub, Senator Billow Aden Kerrow and officials from the county sports department for their immense support in today`s event.

Governor Roba congratulated the winners of the tournament Mazario FC of Bulla Mpya and all the sixteen teams who participated in the tournaments that started on the 20th of October this year... Hongera!

Following dismal performance by the county in the national examinations at both primary and secondary school levels in the last two years, the Department of Education wishes to continue to put more effort into education with a view to improve performance.
The County Government effort in investing in the 2 years 2014 and 2015 has yield positive result as indicated by the performance in both KCPE and KCSE result of 2014. It's imperative to note that in the year 2014 Mandera produced the first ever A Plain in the national examinations. The exceptional performance was attributed to county mocks and support by the county government. As compared to previous results, this was a remarkable improvement realized and the County Government of Mandera intends to double the investment in education by extending the Mocks to class seven and eight at primary level. Form three and form fours will do their mocks county wide as made routine by the county government of Mandera. Education is a key to human capital development in any modern society and the Departments core responsibility is to build strong academic base at all levels. This will help lift the county economically in the long run. Despite education crisis we face, Mandera county government is determined to ensure our pupils and students excel in their exams. Below is number of pupils and students who are expected to sit for county mocks.

Class eight Candidates 5123
Class seven Candidates 6331

Form four 2925 Candidates
Form Three 3232

Number of schools in Mandera county
Secondary 42
Primary 189

The launch was today presided over by the County Secretary Okash Adan.


Mandera County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 under Articles 176 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012.

Mandera County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010
under Articles 176 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012.

Please click the link below to download the file containing the vacant positions.

We are very sorry for the delay in posting the file on our website.




In today's Daily Nation, Kenya Airports Authority advertised the long awaited 'Mandera International Airport.' This is like a Madaraka Day Gift to the people of Mandera.

The proposed International Airport Project now earmarked for Wargadud location will deliver an estimated 4.5 Billion shillings in infrastructure investment over the next 3 years. This would be a remarkable turn of events for Mandera County, which until now has attracted almost no National Government investment in its infrastructure.

Parts of the project are already under way. The National Government also is planning to construct more 200KMs of tarmac from Mandera to Elwak. As a County Government, we have lobbied for these projects in the face of spirited opposition from other leaders calling it a misplaced priority.
An Advertisement for Mandera International Airport in today's Daily Nation (2nd June 2014 )

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Ministry in Mandera County kicks off mass vacination exercise!

The department of Veterinary Services has began mass vacination exercise in sll the sub counties. The department has procured enough vaccines and Vet drugs, besides establishing Cold Room for storing these drugs.

The vaccination and treatment of livestock has fully taken off in all the sub counties. This exercuse will run for a period of 10 days. 
There are 7 teams comprising of 8 persons per team targeting 3000 animals per day per sub county. The Ministry had mobilized the sub county admins and their other staffs to oversee the exercise together with the area chiefs and the Community disease reporters.

Livestock is the main economic livelihood in pastoral Mandera County. For the first time in the history of this county no livestock death was reported due to drought emergency. This is thanks to Allah and thanks to the timely intervention by Mandera County Government.

Mandera residents set sights on the first tarmac road in Mandera town as deadline for the project nears.

On 29th May, 2015 the new Mandera County Minister for Roads, Public works and Transport Mr.Ahmed Ali Madey and the County Assembly Committee members for Roads conducted a supervisory tour of the ongoing construction works on the 24.5KMs of the first ever tarmac road in Mandera town. The progress observed was good. The Minister took the opportunity to meet with contractors and engineers. The team visited all the ongoing roads construction work in the town stopping at every point to assess extent of the work. The team later visited the construction yard and the road laboratory which were very impressive.

The Minister informed the contractors that his Ministry will be very serious about the deadline which was fast approaching and asked the contractors to raise well in advance any challenges that may delay the project with the Ministry. The contractors promised to work hand in hand with the County Government to meet the deadline despite insecurity challenges that have caused many stoppages and forced some workers leave for fear of their personal security.

Mandera County Government has moved to upgrade all the inter-constituency roads to all weather murram roads. Already, a total of 577 kilometres of dirt roads have completely been upgraded to all-weather murram roads. A total of 12 inter-constituency roads are now all-weather and gravelling of 152 kilometres of inter-ward roads is now complete too.

The Ministry has also established a Transport Management System TMS to improve movement of people and goods. It has also completed the design of a 55-kilometre section on the B9 road (Kutulo - Elwak) and signed an MOU with KeNHA. The good news to the people of Mandera south served by this road is that construction works of this road from dirt to all weather murram roads will commence very soon.

Two years of intensive work on roads is paying dividend with benefits accruing to the transport sector in Mandera. Journey time for people and goods has been cut by up to 75 per cent in some instances. Ease of transportation impacts all sectors in the County. More importantly, it elevates the quality of life. With motorable roads, the sick can now get health care in a relatively timely manner while the farmers can get their produce to the market faster. Services can now get to the people faster just as security management stand a better chance to being more responsive.

Mandera County Bursary Fund

Saturday, 16 May 2015 00:00 Written by


I am compelled to respond on this matter on County Bursary Fund. I have seen many querries on the subject and this seems truly a felt need of large number of parents and students in our county.

Mandera County Bursary Bill was passed into law in June 2014. The County Bursary Board was constituted in October 2014. The committee at Ward level was formed in November 2014. The CEO of the county Bursary Board has also been recruited by the County Public Service Board (CPSB).

The Bill was delayed abit at the initial stages when it was sent to the Executive to improve on provisions on Gender. The Board also took some time to induct the six sub county committees a process which was completed in February 2015.

The Funds were then requested in April 2015 but the Controller of Budget has refused to approve it until 8 minor ammendments are carried out. The County Assembly has been on recess and has now resumed. Plans are now under way to prioritise debate on the ammendments.

I must take this earliest opportunity to reassure all parents and students that the bursary fund is intact and it will never dissappear. The money will be disbursed immediately the legal hurdles are done with.

It is also instructive to note that this delay is not unique to Mandera County. In Kilifi County funds disbursed to 7000 students amounting to 490 million was stopped by the CoB for the same reasons that have delayed Mandera County Bursary Fund disbursement.

I hope this reassures all those who have been thinking that the money had disappeared.

Mandera County Emerges top again in northeastern!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 00:00 Written by

Mandera County Emerges top again in northeastern!

Results of a survey on the best Senators in the Country is out. Mandera County Senator is ranked at no. 19 out of 47 Senators. His counter part in Garissa, Hon. Yusuf Hajji is ranked at no. 31 while Abdirahman Ollow from Wajir is ranked at no . 43! Congratulations my friend Hon. Kerrow! You have made us proud. We expected a much higher ranking but you are clearly above average.

I have always said in many forums that things ain't as bad as they look in Mandera. This is yet another indicator of success.

However, I must reiterate that there is room for more improvement. I must also repeat what I said about perception surveys.

A public perception survey in the context of government is a study or research project completed with the goal of collecting impressions about government, services, program or issue. Such surveys can be given to a variety of audiences for a range of purposes and are often administered by with the intent of uncovering public opinions. The primary distinction of a perception survey is that it is intended to discover opinions rather than facts.

Yes, it is all about being subjective and not objective. It is about feelings rather than actual situation on the ground.

Mandera County Public Service board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following positions. Please click below to download,

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