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The county is also seeking to secure the supplies line and reorganize management of the health systems to bolster health services.

Saying the current standoff over devolution of health workers could paralyse services, the governor called on the ministry of devolution to resolve the dispute.

The recent Kenya Population Situation Analysis report released by Ministry of Devolution and Planning paints a grim picture, in which an estimated 4,000 of 100,000 expectant women die annually in Mandera – Truly a National Shame.

A child born in Mandera has 50% chance of completing immunization or reaching 5th birthday, while a pregnant mother has 11.5% chance of being attended to by skilled health worker.

Over 80% of health facilities in the county are closed due to lack of staff. 2008 Human Resources for health assessment conducted in Mandera showed over 96% gap in staffing, 5 Doctors out of the required 35 are in post, while there are only 75 out of over 670 Nurses.

The Mandera county government has embarked on an automated revenue control system to enhance accountability and tax collection.

While speaking at a training workshop for more than 200 clerks on use of automated machines and public relations, the director of revenue said that the county government will strive to the maximization of the county revenue collection.

He said the county inherited a manual income collection system from the now-defunct municipal council, which was open to malpractices.

“We should have a system where investment returns losses through corrupt individuals are eliminated,” Dakane said.

The training will be majorly on professionalism, integrity and accountability and automation of revenue collection .

The department’s target is Sh251 million this financial year. In 2013-14 the anual collection was Sh125 million, up from Sh37 million they inherited from the former local authority.

The governor's speech on mashujaa day

Saturday, 28 February 2015 09:15 Written by

Hon MP for Banisa, Hon MP for Mandera West, Ambassador Mahat, Hon Speaker of Mandera
County Assembly, The County Commissioner, Members of the county executive, Members of
Mandera County Assembly, COE present both National and local, all other distinguished guests,
my beloved people of Mandera County good morning.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Today we are here to remember and celebrate our fallen heroes who fought for the independence
of our nation. Our heroes are the freedom fighters, the heroes who fought for the multiparty
democracy, the writers of the new constitution, I salute all those who voted for this new
constitution and in so doing liberated the people of Northeastern Kenya from 50 years of
marginalization. I salute you all for your great efforts for our nation. Our Shujaa of the moment
is the new constitution and our true heroes are the Kenyan public that voted for this constitution.
Our heroes are:- our Elders, Religious leaders who are tirelessly involved in guarding our
culture, religion and way of life; students studying under difficult circumstances and yet striving
to gain knowledge, our teachers managing large class sizes in remote areas;
Our health workers who despite limited resources have continued to save lives. Our heroes are
you who care for the less fortunate and orphans, our pastoralists who endure the difficulties to
keep our way of life going great, our farmers who make sure our path to self-reliance is kept on
course, our traders who keep the wheels of economic recovery rolling. Our Mashujaa are you our
mothers and fathers who have kept the factories of turning out future generations going, with
resilience that is second to none under our very difficult circumstances. Finally to our security
forces for their selfless provision of security to the public, most particularly our own KPR, you
have made us proud and you are truly our heroes.
I would like to also salute our politicians both at the County and National levels as well as our
civil service work force who keep both levels of government working and delivering services to
our people.
Brothers and sisters
Once again we have gone back to the mad circles of tribal clashes in our county and lost many
lives over the last three months. I am extremely saddened by the re-occurrence of this madness
and promise you once more that we will deal with this problem for the greater good of our
people. I am happy to report that the national government has given us tremendous support to
deal with this problem and all our security forces have gone into action to manage the situation.
I would like to share our message of condolences with the families of the victims of tribal
violence and appeal to all clans to exercise restraint and give this structured peace process led by
Hon Kaparo the chairman of National Cohesion and integration Commission and Hon Senator
Yusuf Haji. I am happy to report that more than ever before there are real signs of commitment
from both communities to the peace process ongoing in the county. We will not leave any stone
unturned to manage our challenges and reconcile our communities.
Brothers and sisters
Today we are faced with very serious crises. It is crises that strike at the very heart and soul and
threatens the spirit of our existence as a county. Indeed we are marking this year’s Mashujaa day
celebrations against the backdrop of increased terror incidents that are threatening our vision for
the devolvement of our county. The threats to our lives and the targeted attacks of our offices and
revenue toll stations are all unfortunate acts of cowards who are threatened by our success. There
is no amount of threat and unfortunate attacks that will be enough to steer us off our course, in
fact, I see great reason for intense vigilance by our population and exertion and none whatsoever
for panic or despair.
We must refuse to believe that these recent attacks could only have been done by our traditional
perceived and usual suspects. We have to thoroughly investigate these incidents with all
possibilities investigated. As one of our outstanding historical figures once said “when a great
democracy is destroyed, it will not because of enemies from without but rather because of
enemies from within”. There is no enemy from without that will succeed without the help of
locals from Mandera.
Over the last one year the police station was attacked twice, the administration police was
attacked three times, all the five attacks with resultant fatalities. Our security officers have been
attacked with twelve fatalities; the power station was also attacked with two similar attacks on
the county government offices. The revenue toll stations were not spared either, the stations were
attacked three times with IEDs and now an attack happened targeting my life and the lives of our
security officers. Not a single case has been investigated to conclusion. It is our own system that
is failing us and exposing us to such levels of risk. What are the roles of our investigation
officers? Is it that they can’t or they are not willing to do their job? We cannot blame the national
government anymore because all the help we have asked for we have been given .If individuals
given the responsibility to manage our security are not doing their job in this county thoroughly
by investigating all the cases with the zeal and commitment to protect our nation, then they will
have no place in this county. We have asked for additional officers to help us investigate cases
and we have been given and we cannot ask for more, they must now do their jobs. It is not about
Mandera alone, it is about our nation’s protection that is at stake as a result of our failures to do
our jobs diligently as required.
Brothers and sisters,
Amid all the above security challenges, within the first year of devolution, we have managed to
turn around virtually all sectors as follows;
We have operationalized all our health facilities fully and tripled the work force. This is in
addition to providing ambulances with an ICU medevac capability.
We have responded to two drought seasons without ten cents of external help and at no cost to
the general public. As drought intervention measure, we constructed five new dams, desalted ten
and drilled over 20 boreholes across the county. In the Agricultural sector, we have revived three
irrigation schemes and provided farm subsidies to all our farmers and further managed to
convince them to return back to their farms. In addition, we have Purchased 4 new tractors,
distributed over 100 water pumps, Constructed water canals for irrigation, operationalized three
demonstration farms and commissioned several studies aimed at reviving agriculture in the
county. In order to improve our road network, we have constructed 550KMs of dirt road to all
whether murram road built over 40 drifts in areas previously considered impassable. We have
further commissioned 24.5KMs of our first ever tarmac road in Mandera town whose
construction is ongoing. This made possible only by devolution.
The county assembly, county headquarters, governor’s residence, Moi stadium and the first
county five star hotels are all at advanced stage of construction. In the first one year, we have
institutionalized and operationalized our County government fully and successfully managed to
construct offices for the new institution of County Government. In order to boost business sector
in the county, we have constructed new markets and rehabilitated the existing ones. In the
livestock sector which is the backbone of our economy, construction is currently ongoing for a
world class regional livestock market. Among many other projects that have been undertaken in
the first year of devolution in this sector is also the vaccination of thousands of livestock in the
county. In addition, we carried out training of women in yoghurt production, a skill that is greatly
helping them support themselves and their families as well.
In the same sector, we have Institutionalized bee farming and distributed bee hives to bee keepers
around the county.
In the education sector, we have recruited 400 ECD teachers, employed quality assurance
officers and most importantly issued mock examinations in order to be able to familiarize our
students with the national examination. The mock examination is also one way of bench marking
within the county and nationally. In the current financial year we will be releasing over 300
developmental projects across the county. This is only possible with devolution. Basically we
have absorbed 100% of our development expenditure.
Brother and sisters,
Clearly, there is no amount of attack or scare that will be enough to stop us from realizing our
development targets. We have done it during the first year of devolution amid all the challenges;
rest assured we will do it even better during this second year of devolution.
Brothers and sisters,
I would like to thank you immensely for respecting the ceasefire agreement between our
communities for the last three weeks. It will be important if we can make an effort to
comprehend and replace that violence, that bloodshed across our county with compassion and
love. Finally, let’s tolerate each other, love each other and control our emotions. Death and
destruction of your brothers and sisters lives and properties will never be a solution to our
communities’ challenges.
Finally to all our students sitting for KCSE and KCPE Exams this year, we wish you success and
the best of luck in your exams. I know you will make us proud. Please stay away from the
shameful act of exam cheating.
Asanteni na Mungu awabariki.

The response from the four institutional fish ponds the county government of Mandera set up as a pilot project in the Mandera Islamic Centre, Moi Girls secondary school, Shantoley primary school and livestock farm at Bulla Haji respectively is amazing.

In the first financial year, the county government has stocked each of the four ponds with 1500 fingerlings and provided fish feeds for the first three months until the first maturity cycle was complete. The government conducted capacity building training for close to 150 farmers in the same year.

In this financial year, it has tendered for a hatchery; Mandera aquaculture and demonstration center that’s going to be one of its kind in the ASAL areas.

The center will be a point where fingerlings will be supplied to Somali, Ethiopia, Wajir and Garissa for commercial purposes once it is set up in shaa Allah. We are also in the process of creating 10 more ponds across the county. Fishing gears and cool boxes will be supplied to riverine farmers to fully exploit the fisheries resources in river Daua.

We will conduct a mass training of about 350 farmers to be able to educate the masses on this rare economic activity whose benefits are immense. These are some of the pictures from a pond in the Mandera Islamic Centre.

The county government of Mandera has trained 70 coaches and referees in efforts to boost sport in the county.

Governor Ali Roba said the training was first phase in a project to mobilize 100 football and 30 volleyball clubs all over the county.

"As a county government we intend to facilitate sports and offer youths an opportunity to participate a various games that will nurture their talents." Mr Roba said.

The clubs have had elections for the football teams in Mandera East and nominated leaders from the six sub counties to spearhead sport activities.

The government also purchased all sports kits for the clubs and asked them to form a sports association to ensure strong teams in the 30 wards within the county.

Counter Director of Sports, Martin Yauma said the government would conduct county football and sub county volleyball championship tournaments.

"We intend to use the forum to select the football and volleyball teams that will represent the county at national level." Mr. Yauma said.

The two teams will for the first time represent the the county at a national inter-county championship to be held in Nanyuki from November 30 to December 7.

"We are also looking forward to forming a netball team for our ladies as a way of engaging them". Yauma said.

The Ministry of ICT through ICT Authority has launched a Presidential Digital Talent Program that aims to provide Internship to young graduates as management trainees in government. The primary purpose of this initiative is to support the government in its service delivery efforts. The initiative is supported by the Vision 2030, ICT Master plan and the Jubilee manifesto.

The advertisement for the recruitment went out on Wednesday 10th Dec 2014 and Friday 12th Dec 2014 on both Nation and Standard newspapers. The same went in all social media networks. For more information, please visit the or

ICT Authority requires all ECM to post the advertisement on their website and to use any form networks, discussion groups, ICT Clubs, PASHA centres, What's up, twitter, facebook to inform the youths in the counties who have graduated in the last two years in IT or ICT related degrees with a first class or second class honours to apply on or

Application is now open at or and closes on 24th Dec 2014.

Click the download link below to download the advert.

Mandera County Government Bursary Application Forms.

Saturday, 28 February 2015 09:09 Written by

Mandera County Government wishes to inform the public on availability of county bursary forms, now at the ward level. The County  Executive committee for Education and Social services, Madam Johora Mohamed confirmed that the application forms are available at all ward levels in the County, as it was shared via E-mail to all ward administrators.

Directives were given to all ward adminstrators to print and issue forms to parents  and students prior to her visit to all the sub-counties.

A team of county officials headed by CEC for Education will visit sub-counties, to induct and sensitize the public and ward  committees on bursary  allocation. The date for the visit to all sub-counties will be communicated soon.

The County Government wishes to urge the public to engage ward administrators in acquiring the forms, fill them and return dully completed forms to the respective wards offices.

The CEC for education reitrated that the committee should give priority to the needy and vulnerable students at the wards and stressed that the committee must be fair and just in the selection process.

Kindly share these information with  the needy students across the county so that they can as well benefit. Together let’s make Mandera, the county with unlimited opportunities and endless posibilities.

Kindly find the attached bursary forms for download.

Return to work or get sacked, defiant Mandera teachers told.

Saturday, 28 February 2015 09:08 Written by

Mandera county government  has changed tone and now challenged the Teachers Service Commission to sack and replace defiant Mandera teachers. This follows after the Governors’ plea were ignored by teachers.

The ever cool and composed Governor, seems to have lost patience as he urged TSC to sack and replace teachers even before the set deadline of February 2nd elapses. His sentiments is echoed by the County executive committee for Education and social services, Madam Johora Mohamed.

Ms Johora Mohamed wondered why only TSC employees failed to report to work when their counterparts in private schools are already in class.

‘’As at now, 321 non-local teachers from private schools have reported, whereas we only have 50 non-locals teachers out of approximately 800 in public schools have reported’’. Said physically agitated Ms Johora.

Earlier in the week, H.E Governor Roba pleaded with the teachers to come back and help the county as the situation is already normal. The education crisis stem from the fact that non-locals working in the larger Northern kenya camped at the TSC headquarters in Nairobi seeking transfer to other areas. They said they feared for their lives after more than 20 of their colleagues were brutally murdered by terrorists on November last year.

After spate of terror attacks in Mandera where 64 kenyans lost their lives, security has been beefed up in the area. H.E Governor Ali Roba thank the National Government for the tireless efforts and confirmed Mandera is now better and safe than ever before.

Non-local teachers made allegations that they are mistreated and were molested by their own students. Ironically our spot check at various police stations across the county indicates that no incidents were reported by the teachers.

The CEC for Education and social services, said she was taken aback by the allegations.

She accused the stubborn, outspoken and cotroversial KNUT Sec. General Wilson sossion for being insincere and spreading negative propaganda.

‘’Sossion has never been to Mandera, neither has he ever taught in Mandera. He blindly support malicious falsehood by teachers who wants transfers’’.

Without minicing her words, Ms Johora said these teachers must be sacked and replaced, because they were not directly employed by  TSC rather by Board of Management at the local level.

‘’Non-local teachers were respected more than the local teachers’’. On the issue of harrassment, she wondered why teachers never reported to the Police or Education directors who were all non-locals.

‘’I was a teacher for 19 years, and non-local teachers were given free breakfast and lunch in some schools. In some secondary schools they were given free accomodation’’.

However, she assured the generosity and support to the teachers and urge them to resume to work.

Putting aside the current education crisis facing his county of mandera,  Governor Ali Roba led high delegates of  county officials to far end of  Banisa sub-county. As he brave the rough terrain of the vast county, its evident that  Governor Roba  is a man on a mission;  to enhance  Cohesion and Intergration in what was once a fragile co-existence between  the warring clans.

The youthful Governor had difficulties in his formative years in office over insecurity. Clan clashes and spate of  terror attacks had  turned promising county into an epicenter of violence.  The memory of these ugly  incidences seems to be behind the Governor for now, as the County now enjoys relative peace that once eluded it.

However Governor Roba  did not sat back and watch it. He took personal initiave to strengthen  unity, which  he says  is a cornerstone for development. For a man whom  friends and foes describe him as over ambitious with burning desire to lead, he seems to be in a  hurry to save his people who wallows in miasma of economic sufferings.

Upon landing in Banisa town,  that doubles up as sub-county and constituency headquarter, Governor Roba presided over  football match, dubbed  ‘Football For Peace’.  It was the first ever match organized by the county government, in collaboration with The National Drought Management Authority(NDMA).  The gesture by Roba administration seems to give peace and unity a different dimension. Initially on matters of peace only elderly male were involved, a sort of somali culture where old men were trusted with lobbying of peace deal. The fact youths  were involved speaks volume on governors strategy to cement the current stride achieved in peace front. Even though  he was part of consultations  and negotiations lobbied severally, it was his first time to be engaged  in peace talk in banisa sub-county. Senior official at the govenors’  office intimated that, the Govenor entirely left security matters to the national goverment and clan elders, lest he will be accused of biasness by one side or another.

The widely applaud football match that pit the two teams,  Mandera North and Banisa was organized by the County Government. The most intriguing part of it was, the teams comprises of young and talented boys from the two warring clans some who lost their parents and relatives  in the previous deadly inter-clan clashes.  The event of the past clashes are behind them  now and they are enjoying peace and tranquility in Mandera.  This was  evident from happiness on their  faces. Anyone will dispute that, these youngsters hail from the warirng  clans that butchered each other and  treated kenyans to  antithetical and bizarre killings, depicting political waywardness or insensibility. The mood at the Banisa primary playground was electrifying,  and  the images of burning houses and families mourning the loss of  their loved one’s that flashes across kenyan televisions  seems  distant reality, in its place was warm, love and brotherhood. Governor was in the friendly crowd  enjoying the developments. Perhaps he was telling himself, this is a new year, new page, I must deliver, won’t let these trusting souls  down!. Indeed it is difficult to convey in print media the altmosphere at Banisa town.

It was these developments that laid ground for largely successfull stakeholders meetings held at Banisa community social hall. Coincidentally the hall was officially opened by his excellency Governor Roba. It became perfect ground for engagements. Highly respected  elders from  the two clans were in atttendance.  How to sustain and solidify the current gains in peace was disccused at length.Both side gave best opinions on the way forward . A common ground was established.

Among the issues raised are opening up roads in formerly volatile areas, waterpoints  to be shared and returning of IDPS to their homes.  However the Governor emphasized that ,areas where there are suspicions, to be put on  hold on for now. He also ordered the County ward administrators and other county employees in the affected areas  to report to their duty stations to enhance service delivery. Establishments of police or administration police post at volatile areas that borders Ethiopia, though its the mandate of the National goverment.

 Governor Roba  confirmed of his willingness to provide enough facilitation. The Governor also indicated that the matter of border is an issue of the National Government and expressed confident that it wll be resolved by  the National government amicably. In unison both clans agreed  new settlements  by both clan was a receipt for clashes and suscipions, as it had political implications. Governor categorically stated that new settlement should be stopped. He was of views that , it is not only bases for suspicions and future  clashes but  stretch manpower and government resources. He added that , public should not interprate his sentiment as an opposition to new settlements  and developments. Restrictions are only for volatile areas.  The area member  of parliament Hon. Mohamed Abdow  supported governor’s line  of thinking.

The most significant strides was the presence of elders from bordering areas of Ethiopia. Elders that represent both the  Garreh and degodia  clan were present , giving more weight to the mission.   Formation of a joint peace committee to sensitize communities on  issues of  cohesion, integration, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the clans was fronted by the Governor. He assured  the residents that he takes initiaves on the same and the joint committee will soon be in place. Roba who was in jovial mood while adressing crowd promised the public that he will build county of self reliance, development and communal responsibilities that propell mandera forward. ’’ Your role is to help me achieve this, by maintaining peace and unity we have for nearly five months now’’. Governor asked the locals to appreciate the gains Mandera had made in two years he was in office and continue with peaceful co-existence. ’’Let us not marginalize ourselves, we were marginalized enough by the successive Government. Marginalization was a major blow to us. Even if we  take marathon style in developments, the gap is still wide. Unity, peace and patience willl help us close it’’.

On resource sharing , Governor Roba  said his county is all inclusive and urged all clans to benefit adding that its their rights. He jokingly told the gathering that elections is far and that their political decisions is their right but they should engage the Government of the day for developments only.

’When time comes, you give your votes to whom you want, whatever happen then is God will and plan. Its time we work’. Said the smiling Governor.

Social commentators argued that, the decision by the Governor to cement peace and unity even when normalcy has returned,  point to the fact that the Governor is well prepared to deal with  resources based tensions especially during drought situation. ‘‘ We want to avoid clashes incase drought bites and resource become scarce’’. Said Mohamed Adan,  County Chief officer for Public service, Conflict management,  Cohesion and Integration.

Considering the location of peace dialogue, Banisa sub-county, the argument was right and well thought. Banisa sub county is mainly for pastoralists as compared to Mandera north that is largely suitable for farming.

Governor Roba informed members that, since this was his first time in peace dialogue, he expect and hope that his presence will create trust, confidence,  induce co-operation and produce positive attitude that creates better atmosphere for peaceful settlements and durable peace is achieved.

He urged them not to let him down. Whether his wishes will be realized and the peace dialogue will solidify the gains made so far, is something remain to be seen.

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