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Office of The County Secretary

County Secretary & Head of Public Service

Functions of this office include:

  • Head of County Public Service provide overall oversight and ensure effective performance and delivery of services to the public.
  • Convey the decisions of the county executive committee (CEC) to the appropriate persons or authorities for timely action.
  • Chair the meetings of Chief Officers and provide the linkage between this level of management and the county executive committee.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the policies of national and county government across the county departments, companies, and agencies.
  • Coordinate strategic activities between County Assembly, County Public Service Board, National Government and development partners to ensure good and harmonious working relationships at the County level.
  • Chair County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee to facilitate proper coordination of Human Resource issues such as discipline, promotion, re-designation, staff welfare and industrial relations issues.
  • Coordinate intergovernmental relationships between national and county and among county governments.
  • Ensure the preparation of County Transition Handover reports by the government departments and other public entities for a smooth transition.
  • Arrange business of the county executive committee, take and keep its minutes, subject to the direction of the committee.
  • In coordination with county departments, ensure efficient utilisation of the county resources.
  • Prioritise the agenda of the county executive committee in consultation with the county governor for the smooth running of the executive committee.
  • Work with county public service board and chief officers to ensure proper human resource planning in county departments/agencies for the performance of their functions and sustainable development of human resources.
  • Chairing county public service performance management committees to sustain a culture of accountability in the county public service.
  • Convey and ensure proper coordination of internal and external communication by responding to all outgoing and incoming correspondence on behalf of the County Executive.

Executive Coordination

The functions of this office will include:

  • The accounting officer of the office of the County Secretary.
  • Coordinate the functions within the Office of the County Secretary.
  • Supervises staff under the office of the County Secretary and offices established thereunder.
  • To the extent necessary, collaborates with all stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of the County government’s development initiatives.
  • Liaise with the County Secretary to ensure the county executive committee meeting resolutions are duly conveyed and implemented by the relevant departments.
  • Assist the county secretary in the discharge of his function within the county.
  • Performs related duties as required and directed by the County Secretary.