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  • Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota- May 2006
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA, Healthcare Administration Focus), Concordia University, Saint Paul, Minnesota May 2012
  • Bachelors in Science, Med. Technology Eng. (Transitioned to PharmD), Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2003
  • Diploma in Pharmacy, Kenya Medical Training College, Kenyatta Hospital campus (KMTC)-1995


  • Experience in designing and implementing public policy & resource mobilization plans
  • Strong commitment to organizational growth, development, and employees’ professional growth
  • Knowledge of policy advising, design, implementation, and development
  • Strong familiarity with geopolitical affairs in the African region
  • Experience in liaising with government authorities and other national/international NGOs
  • Ability to partner with cross-functional teams and leaders, quickly revise strategies to ensure continued progress towards organizational goals, undertake new or unique challenges, and build/maintain productive relationships within multi-cultural and multi-organizational environments

Work Experience

  • Board Director (2019-2022), Kenya Environmental and Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)
    • Board Director, Chairman- Research and Development Committee – 2019
    • Board Director, Chairman – Human Resources committee – 2020
    • Board Director, Chairman – Research and Development Committee – 2021/22
    • Liaison with the Ministry of environment and national government to forward organizational agenda
  • Board Director (2020-2022), Green Blue Foundation Africa (GBFA)
    • Responsible for fiscal oversight.
    • Acting as trustee on behalf of the foundation for members and funders.
    • Establish policies and procedures and serve as the last point of appeal in grievance processes.
  • Chief Executive Officer (2007-Present), Jambostar Properties Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya
    • Manage real estate portfolio of the firm founded in 2007
    • Jambostar is a private entity owned by shareholders under the stewardship of the CEO.
  • International Customer Relations Director (the Middle East and Other Asia) (2010-2012), Allina Healthcare
    • Proposed a paradigm shift sourcing customers from the Middle East through their local US-based embassies.
    • Launched a partnership market plan that married the combined 11-hospital system and 67 clinics with 14 Middle Eastern Washington-based Embassies.
    • In the first year alone, 425 patients were received for major surgeries attracting US$15.6 Million.
    • Growth in the number of patients and dollar inflow continued to grow along a positive trajectory in subsequent years.
  • Clinical Pharmacist (2006-2010), Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Healthcare
    • Responsibilities include Post-surgical Neuroscience, orthopedic and Spine patients, as well as Vascular and Epileptic floors.
    • Mentors Coordinator- Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Med, and Pre-Nursing students.