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Roads, Transport And Public Works


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The Ministry of Roads, Transport and Public Works is headed by a County Executive Committee Member. The ministry comprises the Department of Roads and Transport,  and the Department of Public Works, both headed by chief officers. The Department of Roads and Transport carries out implementation of roads infrastructure projects, while the department of public works is concerned with implementation of county building projects.

Our Mandate

  • To facilitate the construction, upgrading, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the road infrastructure in Mandera County to enhance regional connectivity;
  • To facilitate the designing, supervision and management of the county building projects to enhance sustainable socio-economic development in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Key Strategies

The following critical strategies are pursued by the Mandera County Government through the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Public Works:

  1. Build capacity of infrastructure, personnel and equipment and facilitate Public Private Partnership to drive the development agenda;
  2. Citizen participation in the planning and execution of projects and programs
  3. Civic education on County Government projects;
  4. Attract, hire, develop and retain an effective, diverse, professional, dedicated and responsive team of employees;
  5. Empower employees at every level to provide county services with maximum effectiveness and efficiency;
  6. Develop employees to become leaders who promote ethics, innovation, service, accountability and peak performance;
  7. Implement policies and construction of Government buildings;
  8. Award and supervise construction works for Government buildings;
  9. Implement policies and guidelines in the maintenance and rehabilitation of Government buildings;
  10. Implement policies and guidelines in the provision of mechanical and electrical building services for Government buildings in the County;
  11. Maintain and update an inventory of County Government properties;
  12. Implement policies and guidelines in the provision of construction and maintenance of other public works in the county;
  13. Material testing and advice on usage.

Our Vision

To provide quality roads, transport infrastructure and public works to spur socio-economic growth in Mandera County and the region at large.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate the construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads infrastructure and supervision of Government buildings in Mandera County to enhance regional connectivity for sustainable socio-economic development in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Core Values

  • Transparency and accountability
  •  Professionalism and integrity
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Participatory leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork

Key Achievements

    • Completed 24 km Bitumen road (Mandera Town)
    • Completed Concrete Bridge and Interchange on A13 Road
    • Constructed two box culverts in Busley and on Road 2 Mandera Town
    • Constructed 1,400 km of all-weather gravel roads
    • Constructed more than 100 drifts across seasonal streams
    • Upgraded Mandera South sub-county Airstrip to gravel standards
    • Expanded Takaba Airstrip
    • Constructed County Headquarters
    • Constructed Governor’s Residence and County Rest House
    • Opened up more than 700 km of new unclassified roads

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