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Youth, Gender And Social Services


the department has embarked on activation and engagement of youth at an early age. All the students who meet basic academic requirements are offered full sponsorship to tertiary colleges as well as Technical and vocational training institutions to build their capacities.

In a County where youth are increasingly getting radicalized and recruited into violent extremism, we strive to ensure the youth have an opportunity to acquire skills that will prepare many for the labor market. The County has six operational vocational training centers namely Mandera, Fino, Elwak, Rhamu, Takaba and Banisa.

The centers provide technical courses, including dressmaking and tailoring, motor vehicle mechanic, plumbing welding and fabrication, building technology, electrical installation, hairdressing and beauty therapy, ICT and carpentry.

This year we are planning to open an additional polytechnic to accommodate the growing number of students. The investment in the vocational training has increased the employment rate. A good number of youth with technical skills are released into the market every year.

Over 700 women and youth from the poorest backgrounds have been offered income generating opportunities by engaging them in tree planting and watering activities within the Mandera Municipality.

We purchased and distributed 126 sewing machines to women and PWDs, distributed 16 fridges to women and PWDs.

In a bid to support persons with disabilities in their mobility we purchased and distributed 120 wheel chairs/ tricycles 150 crutches.

We Constructed 65 housing units with toilets and complete with non-food items, Purchased and distributed 1160 goats to 116 vulnerable households through restocking program

Children welfare is one of the functions of the department of  gender   and   social   service, the department always intervene on issues concerning child care despite the service not  fully devolved at the county level. Most of the service the department offers are inform of grant for orphanage center.

The financial year 2017/2018 the department was allocated 7million, 2018/2019 15million was allocated, 2019/2020 12million was  allocated and currently 2020/2021 13.5 million was allocated as grant for orphanage centers. So far the department is assisting 6 orphanages center with grants from financial year 201-2020 with grant support, and they are as follows:

  • Al-hidaya Orphanage center
  • Mandera Islamic Center
  • Al-fowzan Orphanage center
  • Al-Uweis Orphanage center
  • Al-sunna Orphanage Home
  • Madarasatul Ubay Binukaab

The department gave Kenya shillings 15million grant to orphanage centers

The Ministry of Youth, Gender and Social Services is comprised of two departments: Gender and Social Services and Youth Affairs. The department of Gender and Social Services deals with women empowerment, persons with disability and children welfare while the department of Youth Affairs deals with all youth related affairs except sports.

Our Mission

To promote holistic quality social services to foster growth and development that is sustainable and nationally competitive.

Our Vision

To improve quality of social services delivery founded on values such as honesty, co-operation, commitment and trust  at most crucial period  of human  growth and development.

Our Core  Mandate

  • Create social awareness on issues concerning Persons Living with Disabilities (PWD)
  • Create social awareness on issues concerning women
  • Create social awareness on issues concerning youth
  • Create social awareness on issues concerning children welfare
  • Day to day administration of county department
  • Providing strategic policy direction for effective service delivery within the department
  • Implementation of policies and programs within the department
  • Development and implementation of strategic plans and sector development goals including performance management
  • Formulation and implementation of effective programs to attain Vision 2030
  • Promote National Values and Principles of governance and Values and Principles of public service as outlined in Article 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the County Executive Committee Member.
  • Realize the governors manifesto, Big 8 agenda by formulating and implementing effective program

Core Values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Integrity
  3. Efficiency
  4. Partnerships
  5. Gender equity
  6. Accountability
  7. Result Oriented
  8. Customer Satisfaction

Key  Achievements

These are development projects the ministry has implemented since 2013 to date

Housing and restocking for vulnerable groups in mandera county

The ministry of youth, gender and social services  has  been  tasked  with   the   duties and responsibilities of servicing, advocating, promoting and improving the living standard of the most vulnerable persons in the society.

Due to this among many projects the department is undertaking, it has considered improving the living standard of the most vulnerable in the society by building houses for them and as well as restocking for the most vulnerable in Mandera county, in line with this, the ministry constructed 160 houses and restocked 116 households for the most vulnerable people across Mandera county. The project is also in line with the National BIG FOUR agenda of H.E president, thus it’s important to undertake the said project.

PWD resource centre

PWD resource center was a  project  proposed by H.E the Governor during the financial year 2017/2018. The facility currently  is  complete and has been handed over to the department in June 2018/2019. Operationalization of this center is ongoing. The center will be a place where service for PWD will be rendered.

Mandera rehabilitation centre

Rehabilitation center was also a project proposed by H.E the Governor during the financial year 2017/2018. The facility currently is complete; its construction was to conclude 2018/2019 but due to some technical issue the project completion duration was extended to June 2019/2020. The project currently is complete.  The center  will be a place where service for people abusing drugs will be rendered. Currently the facility is used as a quarantine facility for covid-19 patients.


Taking into consideration the importance of public participation and social  interaction between public and government entities  and  also non-governmental entities hence the need for social hall is paramount and thus the Mandera County Government has built through the ministry of youth gender and social have constructed 5 social halls across the county.

This has provided a platform to the community to discuss important issues in different sectors affecting the livelihood of the community at large. These social halls have been partially operationalized and highly in need of renovation. These social halls are situated at Rhamu ward, Takaba ward, Khalaliyo ward,  Banisa ward and Lafey ward

In relation to the above two social halls were inherited from civil society, one in mandera east and the other at Elwak, both were converted to youth resource center. Only the one in Mandera is partially operationalized.

Capacity Building

The Ministry of youth, gender and social service embarked on some key activities, these are capacity building to  develop  entrepreneurial skills of women, youth and PWD and the purpose of this capacity building is to identify and conduct need assessment of their  priority  areas  that they the ministry to tackle in terms of economic empowerment.

The ministry has approximately capacity built the following county wide:

  • 200 women
  • 200 PWDs
  • 800 youths

The training that was under taken was mainly concerning business plan development and how to actually equip the trainees with entrepreneurial skills that would assist them in venturing to their preferred business and also to equip the trainees with knowledge on business plans development thus offering a road map for their business start- up and development and to improve the trainees’ capacity to scan the environment, identify opportunities and use the skills to exploit this business environment. By the end of the training the trainee must be able to;

  • Explain the basic entrepreneurship process
  • Scan the business environment.
  • Generate business ideas. Screen business ideas.
  • Develop a business plan in the relevant trade area.
  • The number of youth trained per sub-county are 100.

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