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Education, Culture, Tourism and Sports


In the Education sector, we have invested over Kshs 4.6 billion over the years. Our investment was mainly in the area of ECD centers, ECD College, Mandera Teachers Training College (MTTC), Vocational colleges across the sub- counties with 903 students actively learning various courses, Mandera Technical Training College has over 240 students undertaking various courses.

We have constructed Modern administration blocks for the two National Secondary schools in our county.

Our current enrolment in  ECD  classes  stands at 23,449 from 17000 Learners with only four teachers trained and the rest were taught by class Eight Volunteers paid by the parents between Ksh2,000-5,000 before the advent of devolution. Mandera County Government has employed 520 ECDE Teachers.

A number of ECDE Teachers have Exited from the job for Greener pasture. As today, we have only 412 teachers including 6 sub county officers,

29 ward supervisors while 374 are Teaching ECDE classrooms. Out of the 374 teachers, 36 Teachers contracts have expired and are out of payroll.

In Mandera County, there are 307 ECDE Centres. The department has constructed 216 ECDE Classes and 35 are under construction for this financial Year totalling 251 Classrooms. In the next financial year, we shall require 56 ECDE Classrooms. Since the onset of devolution, over 140 million has been used for the supply of ECDE Furniture and materials.

Bearing in mind the brilliant poor and needy students, the department disbursed Kenya Shillings One Hundred and Ten Million during the month of January 2021 to support needy secondary, colleges and university students access education. Over the last five years, we have disbursed a total of Kenya Shillings Four Hundred and Forty Million.

While other Kenyans resumed learning after the Covid-19 break during the month of January 2021, in Mandera County we are faced with continuous crisis in the education sector. Learning is paralyzed throughout the county because of Al Shabaab menace.

In a County where the youth are increasingly getting radicalized and recruited into violent extremism, the Department of Education has put in place strategies to ensure the youth have opportunities to acquire skills that will prepare many for the labour market. The County has seven operational vocational training centers namely Mandera, Fino, Elwak, Rhamu, Takaba, Rhamu Dimtu and Banisa. The centres provide technical courses, including dressmaking and tailoring, motor vehicle   mechanic,   welding and fabrication, building technology, electrical installation, hairdressing and  beauty  therapy, ICT and carpentry. The total enrolments within our vocational centres stand at 903 students.

In 2019, we launched the Girl Child Education Affirmative Action to send the top students to Turkey to study courses traditionally male dominated.

The following Acts prepared by the department were passed by the Mandera County Assembly:

  1. The Mandera County Village Polytechnic Act 2014
  2. The Mandera County pre-primary Act 2014
  3. Mandera County Education Bursary Act 2014
  4. ECDE policy Document and School feeding programme policy document are at public participation and validation stage.
  5. The bursary regulation Document was approved in 2019 by the County assembly.

The department of sports facilitated the formation and registration of football and  volleyball  clubs in the county. There was an increase in football clubs from 100 to 282. Volleyball clubs increased from 50 clubs to 80 across the county.

The department participated in the 2015 Kenya Inter- County Sports Association tournament that was conducted in Kwale from the 28th November to the 7th December 2015. The County was well represented.

The department oversaw the Construction of Mandera Moi stadium to a modern standard and developed several play grounds across all the sub counties.

The department conducted a number of football tournaments including the 2018 Governors tournament. The winning teams were awarded with trophies, full sport kits and cash award. Mandera County is rich in culture and arts. The County Government encourages the preservation of heritage and culture. A museum was built at Mandera Moi stadium for the display of artifacts and other cultural information. The department has entered an MOU with National Museum of Kenya to support the establishment of a cultural centre and capacity building of the staff.

In 2019 the department conducted successfully Somali cultural week and the participation was overwhelming and the county has show- cased its diverse culture and artifacts.

The 2020 Cultural Week was cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and once the situation improves, the annual cultural event will be conducted as planned in July 2020.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Tourism and Sports  has four sections  namely:  Early Childhood Development Education, Quality Assurance and Standards,  Vocational Education and Training, Sports, Culture and Tourism.

Our Vision

To provide a catalystic environment for provision of quality service for holistic education, sports, culture and tourism to foster growth and development that is nationally competitive and sustainable.

Our Mission

To improve quality education, sports, culture and tourism founded on the values such as honesty, co-operation, commitment and trust at the most crucial period of human growth and development.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency, accountability and prudent management of resources.
  • Promote dignity, worth and rights of every human being.
  • Partnership and collaboration.
  • Commitment.
  • Integrity.
  • Gender responsive, child and diversity friendly.
  • Teamwork.
  • Impartiality.
  • Professionalism.
  • Customer focus.
  • Acceptance of fair play charter.
  • Equity
  • Confidentiality.


  • To create efficient awareness, mobilization and capacity building mechanisms for effective management and delivery of Early Childhood Development Education, Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET), Culture, Tourism and Sports services in Mandera County.
  • To enhance access, equity, retention, transition and completion levels at the Early Childhood Development Education, TVET, Non-Formal Education, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions in Mandera County.
  • Provision of infrastructure at Early Childhood Education, TVET, Non-Formal Education, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions.
  • To improve quality of training programmes for sporting activities in Mandera County.
  • Enhance the capacity of the young people to engage in meaningful activities in the County.
  • To improve transition within the system and address the needs of the marginalized young people in Mandera County.
  • To equip the youth with relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes in the County.
  • To provide quality, affordable and accessible formal and non-formal training.
  • To mobilize, sensitize and provide direction for the County to participate in sports recreation, good health, competition and career development.
  • To enhance tourism and cultural promotion in the County.

Strategic Directions

  • Formulate policies on ECDE, TVET, Sports, Culture and Tourism specific to Mandera County.
  • Increase ECDE enrollment by 30 percent by investing in infrastructure, learning, teaching and play materials.
  • Increase access to TVET by 30 percent through investment in infrastructure, teaching and learning materials.
  • Economic empowerment of youth through sporting activities .
  • Enhance youth employability through imparting knowledge and skills in technical and vocational training.
  • Tap and nature sporting talents.
  • Improve ECDE and TVET performance in the County.
  • Establish a world class international university,  Mandera University of Science and Technology ((MUST)).
  • Invest in the construction of integrated Islamic schools in the County.

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  • hair dressing graduands showing their skills at mandera vocational training college
  • Governor Roba gives sponship cheque to sponsor bushra at pangani high school
  • governor Roba receives book donations from Nation Media Group
  • mechanical engineering equipmentat mandera technical training institute
  • FC captain receving trophy from governor roba in the governor's football tournament