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County Executive Committe Members

H.E. Capt Ali Ibrahim Roba
H.E. Capt Ali Ibrahim RobaGovernor
H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Arai
H.E. Mohamed Ahmed AraiDeputy Governor
Abdinur Maalim Hussein
Abdinur Maalim HusseinCounty Secretary
Ibrahim B. Hassan
Ibrahim B. HassanCECM, Finance, Economic Planning, Special Programmes, ICT & e-Government
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed AliCECM, Water, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
Shamsa Mohamed
Shamsa MohamedCECM, Youth, Gender And Social Services
Suleikha Harun
Suleikha HarunCECM, Roads, Transport And Public Works
Mohamud Adan
Mohamud AdanCECM, Health Services
Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed
Ahmed Sheikh MohamedCECM, Public Service, Conflict Management And Devolved Unit
Eric Widget
Abdiaziz Sheikh MaadCECM Trade, Industrialization And Cooperative Development
Izzudin Abdullahi
Izzudin AbdullahiCECM, Education, Sports And Culture
Johora Mohamed Abdi
Johora Mohamed AbdiCECM, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries And Irrigation
Suleikha Harun
Adan Hussein HassanCECM, lands Housing And Physical Planning