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Lands,  Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development


The Ministry of Lands, Physical Planning Housing and Urban Development is vested with the responsibility of land administration and management, housing development, land use planning and development control. The purpose is to promote sustainable development for socio-economic prosperity.


Excellent, adequate and affordable administration and management of land, housing and land use planning for sustainable development of Mandera County.


To facilitate improvement of livelihood of the people of Mandera through efficient, sufficient, equitable and sustainable management of land

Departmental Heads

  1. Adan Hussein – County Executive Committee Member
  2. Hon. Barre M. Shabure-CCO Lands, Survey and Physical Planning
  3. Mrs. Zhuleikha Osman-CCO Housing and Urban Development
  4. Mr. Rashid Hassan – Director
  5. Mr. Mohamed A. Gabow-Principal County Surveyor
  6. Mr. Maurice O. Amimo – County Physical Planner


Construction of land registry in Elwak and Mandera East.
The completion of these projects is a great milestone towards improved service delivery at the sub-county level.

Integrated Strategic Urban development for Ewak, Kotulo and Mandera
The County Government of Mandera inherited unplanned towns except for Mandera CBD. The extension of planning services to other towns will lead to improved revenue generation, sustainable exploitation of resources, convenience and reduced land use conflict.

Digitization of land records
Land Information Management System has been successfully launched and digital registration is currently on-going. The system has transformed land transaction with a sharp rise in revenue collection in the first three months. The system is expected to reduce cases of conflicts arising from double allocation or land rates defaulters.

Affordable Housing and informal settlement upgrading
The county Government through the department of Housing and Urban Development has made tremendous steps by identifying land in various localities for the construction of affordable housing as part of the Big Four Agenda.
Mapping of informal settlements for upgrading has been done and discussions are underway with donors on the modalities of upgrading the settlements.

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