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Lands,  Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development


Land use planning is a tool for enhancing sanity in land use development. Mandera County inherited unplanned towns except for Mandera towns CBD. Currently, the county has prepared Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans (ISUDP) for Elwak, Mandera and Kotulo.

The plans are at the approval stage but implementation of key infrastructure/utilities is already ongoing and is based on the plan proposals.

There are also satellite plans for specific localities such as Didqumbi and Darweid which are being implemented. Other satellite plans prepared and surveyed include:

  • Border Point 1
  • Kamor

The Department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring efficient and effective Housing administration, management and Development Controls. Key Functions of the department include provision of adequate and affordable housing as well as promotion and establishment of Appropriate Building Material and Technology (ABMT) Centres, Updating of GoK Housing and Buildings Inventory records, Easy complain resolving, House allocation to tenants, Housing clearances, Housing Dispute Resolution, Upgrading Housing policies, Conducting county housing Surveys among other duties.


  • Updated the list of tenants in the Government (GoK) Housing Units in Mandera east sub-county.
  • Improved Housing-based revenue collections through County IPPD Payroll. This includes the collection of Housing Arrears.
  • Affordable Housing Program – State Department of Housing and urban Development (SDHUD) team visited the County to assess the county preparedness and availability of Land for affordable housing program. 15 Acres of Land was set aside for the program and communication with SDHUD is ongoing for implementation.
  • Development Control and compliance UnitThe urban development compliance team undertakes daily patrols within Mandera town in order to enhance adherence to strict application to development control guidelines and regulations as well as access and curb illegal encroachments on roads, pedestrian pathways and public land. Further, the team makes contractors to comply with the payment of building plan approvals and other government revenue.

The department carries out the following activities:

  • Undertakes delegated authority of the County Public Service Board to deal with Human Resource Deployment, discipline, and Development issues in the Department.
  • Assists in review, develop and Implement policies, legislations, guidelines, and plans related to solid waste management and circular economy.
  • Assists in implementing national policies, laws and standards related to solid waste management in line with articles 6 and 189 of the constitution.
  • Harmonises public and private sector strategies and programmes on solid waste management in the county.
  • Provides a platform for public-private dialogue, consultation, collaboration and participation in solid waste management in the county.
  • Coordinates public and private sector provision of solid waste management services in the
  • In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, develops and implements information, education and communication system and strategies targeting diverse users and providers of solid waste management services and ensure that such information is available to all stakeholders and county residents.
  • In collaboration with the department responsible for information technology, develops technology-based communication strategies and feedback mechanisms for solid waste management.
  • Delivers a waste management system that is effective, equitable, responsive, and sustainable under prevailing conditions.
  • Contributes to sustainable use of natural resources, e.g. through materials recovery and recycling, soil improvement, and energy generation.
  • Provides employment and enterprise development opportunities.
  • Encourages and invites research and development into technologies and governance approaches for sustainable resource and waste management.
  • Establishes an inventory for all the waste streams, which shall be disaggregated according to the respective sources.
  • Establishes Public-Private Partnership (PPP) framework for the county residents and external investors to promote a circular economy & job creation.
  • Manages sanitation in sub-counties

The Ministry of Lands, Physical Planning Housing and Urban Development is vested with the responsibility of land administration and management, housing development, land use planning and development control. The purpose is to promote sustainable development for socio-economic prosperity.


Excellent, adequate and affordable administration and management of land, housing and land use planning for sustainable development of Mandera County.


To facilitate improvement of livelihood of the people of Mandera through efficient, sufficient, equitable and sustainable management of land


Construction of land registry in Elwak and Mandera East.
The completion of these projects is a great milestone towards improved service delivery at the sub-county level.

Integrated Strategic Urban development for Ewak, Kotulo and Mandera
The County Government of Mandera inherited unplanned towns except for Mandera CBD. The extension of planning services to other towns will lead to improved revenue generation, sustainable exploitation of resources, convenience and reduced land use conflict.

Digitization of land records
Land Information Management System has been successfully launched and digital registration is currently on-going. The system has transformed land transaction with a sharp rise in revenue collection in the first three months. The system is expected to reduce cases of conflicts arising from double allocation or land rates defaulters.

Affordable Housing and informal settlement upgrading
The county Government through the department of Housing and Urban Development has made tremendous steps by identifying land in various localities for the construction of affordable housing as part of the Big Four Agenda.
Mapping of informal settlements for upgrading has been done and discussions are underway with donors on the modalities of upgrading the settlements.

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