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Lands,  Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development

The Ministry of Lands, Physical Planning Housing and Urban Development comprises of three departments: Lands, Physical Planning and Housing and Urban Development. The ministry is vested with the responsibility of land administration and management, housing development, land use planning and development control. This is to promote sustainable development for socio-economic prosperity.


Excellent, adequate and affordable administration and management of land, housing and land use planning for sustainable development of Mandera County.


To facilitate improvement of livelihood of the people of Mandera through efficient, sufficient, equitable and sustainable management of land

Our Core Values

  •    Transparency and accountability
  •     Professionalism and integrity
  •     Excellence in service delivery
  •     Participatory leadership
  •     Collaboration and teamwork

Core Objectives

  • Implement National/County Land use policy.
  • Ensure equitable and efficient access to land to all.
  • Harmonize and ensure sustainable development of the land resource.
  • Provision of appropriate and adequate spatial framework to guide socio – economic development.
  • Facilitation of the provision of secure land tenure.
  • Provision of capacity for effective and efficient service delivery.
  • Effective and efficient resolution of boundary and land disputes.
  • Installation of physical and social infrastructure in urban areas; permit the construction of permanent houses and attract private investment.
  • Establishment of housing technology centres to increase access to decent housing by promoting location specific building materials and low cost housing.
  • Renovate and refurbish all government residential houses to be habitable and decent conditions.

Key Achievements

  • Construction of land registry in Elwak and Mandera East.
  • Integrated Strategic Urban development for Elwak, Kotulo and Mandera
  • Digitization of land records
  • Identification of land for affordable housing
  • Mapping of informal settlements for upgrading
  • Acquisition and demarcation of land for key government projects installation e.g Takaba airstrip, Karo airstrip and Mandera regional livestock market.


Ongoing project

  • Renovation of Government residential houses
  • Computerization of land records
  • surveying of planned urban centers

Planned project

  • Urban physical planning of all the major towns
  • construction of affordable housing units
  • informal settlement upgrading

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