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Economic Activities

Nomadic pastoralism is the major economic activity in Mandera County with camels, goats, sheep and cattle being the main type of livestock reared. The region’s vast pasture land has made livestock rearing viable.

The main water sources in the region are River Daua, a number of shallow wells and few major earth pans. The region has small-scale agriculture production with small-scale horticulture producers supplying mangoes, pawpaw, onions, kales and bananas to the local market.

The County is accessible by road and air. It has an airstrip with passenger planes destined to Mandera town from Wilson Airport daily.  The small business aircraft carrying 30 to 50 passengers take two hours from Nairobi to Mandera.

Following devolution, Mandera town has attracted a huge number of investors who have ventured in hospitality sector, setting up hotels and resort centers, and in the transport industry, banking, oil and other small businesses.

The County Government in conjunction with the National Government hired more than 127 Kenya Police Reservists (KPR), mainly locals, to supplement the number of security officers in the border County, boosting security surveillance. The county also received vehicles to support security operations.

With peace, security and stability,  it is easy to encourage investors to invest thus improving the living standards of locals and creating wealth and employment opportunities in the vast county.