Nadhifa Ahmed

Trade & Co-operative Development

Nadhifa Ahmed studied at University of Nairobi with a diploma in business management and bachelor degree in social science.
She has professional experience that span 8 years that she gained from different organizations. She worked with RACIDA (Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance) from 2014-2016 as a program officer, providing technical support and capacity building on governance issue, devolution, citizen participation and County planning.
May 2016, she joined URAIA TRUST as a civic educator, basically training the public of Mandera County on the aspects of devolution, constitution and public participation.
She also worked with KLMC (Kenya Livestock Marketing Council) an advocacy organization that supports rural community in Arid and Semi-arid Lands of Kenya on matters related to – Livestock markets, economic empowerment for the pastoralist communities through strengthening their resilient to vagaries of climate change. She worked as a project officer and policy specialist with extensive experience in conceptualizing, Managing and monitoring development programs in ASAL region of Kenya on issues related to livestock marketing, policy advocacy, climate change and resilience.
While in KLMC (2017-2020), she closely worked with project beneficiaries and other rural communities on subject of collective actions, such as livestock marketing group formation, registration of rural enterprises and cooperative and managing small grants for enterprise development as well as linking them to other rural finance opportunities. She also supported women enterprise development in far rural areas in product development, value addition and market linkages to diverse end markets and clients.
October, 2020 she was appointed by His Excellency the governor of Mandera County to head the ministry of Youth, Gender and Social service where she supported Youth, Person Living with Disabilities, women and girls in areas of economic opportunities, entrepreneurship and leadership. She further advocated for elimination of GBV (Gender Based Violence) in Mandera County.
Nadhifa is currently the CECM of  Trade, Investment , Industry And Cooperative Development