//Chief Justice Martha Koome Visits Mandera County, Paving the Way for Judicial Expansion

Chief Justice Martha Koome Visits Mandera County, Paving the Way for Judicial Expansion

In a momentous occasion today, Chief Justice Martha Koome and her team graced Mandera County with their presence, marking a significant stride towards justice and development. The Chief Justice’s approval of crucial progress requests sets the stage for the establishment of Magistrate courts in Elwak and Takaba, as well as Khadis courts in Lafey, Rhamu, and Banissa. This move aims to bring justice closer to the people of Mandera.

One of the key highlights of the visit was the introduction of three critical programs aimed at enhancing efficiency in the legal process and increasing access to justice. The first program is the implementation of e-filing, a system that streamlines the citizen filing process and improves overall user-friendliness. Additionally, a High Court sub-registry will be established, ensuring smoother operations and faster resolution of cases. Lastly, the introduction of the AJS Maslaha suite demonstrates the Mandera County Government’s commitment to innovation in the legal landscape.

These changes are set to revolutionize the accessibility of justice in Mandera County. By saving over 300 km for the people of Mandera to access justice at the MLC (Mandera Law Courts), as well as reducing the journey to the High Court in Garisa by an impressive 600 km, the barriers to justice are being broken down. This development is expected to benefit the community in numerous ways, making justice more accessible than ever before.

During the visit, Chief Justice Martha Koome, her esteemed team, and the Governor of Mandera County had the privilege of witnessing the success of e-filing through a virtual meeting. This user-friendly system streamlines the process of filing for citizens, making it more efficient and convenient. In a symbolic gesture, Chief Justice Koome and the Governor planted a ceremonial seed of progress, signifying the beginning of a new era of accessibility, efficiency, and innovation in the legal landscape of Mandera.

This visit and the subsequent developments are just the beginning of a new chapter for Mandera County. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, the county aims to create a legal landscape that serves its people effectively. Through these initiatives, justice will be brought closer to the community, ensuring that every citizen has access to a fair and efficient legal system.

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