//Mandera Leadership Team Embarks on a Community Engagement Tour in Takaba

Mandera Leadership Team Embarks on a Community Engagement Tour in Takaba

TAKABA — A congregation of esteemed leaders, including H.E. Deputy Governor Ali Maalim, H.E. Senator Ali Roba, and various MPs, MCAs, and former officials, have made their esteemed presence in Takaba. The visit, a crucial part of their community engagement tour, aims to foster a closer relationship with the residents and to gain firsthand insight into their needs, challenges, and aspirations.

As the leadership team stepped into Takaba, they were met with the warm and welcoming embrace of the local community. The presence of Hon. Abdul Haro MP Mandera South, Hon. Adan Haji MP Mandera West, Hon. Mohamed Abdow Former MP, H.E. Mohamed Adan Former Ambassador, County Commissioner Amos Mariba, Hon. Mahdi Area MCA, Hon. Hussein Haji MCA Lagsure, Hon. Ibrahim Wario MCA Dandu, Hon. Adan Nuro MCA Takaba South, and Hon. Ahmed Rashid, Majority Leader, underscores the gravity and significance of this visit.

The meet-and-greet sessions are poised to be interactive, with the leaders keen on listening and engaging with community members. This initiative is not just a social call but a purpose-driven mission to assess the intricate needs, identify gaps, acknowledge challenges, and prioritize the aspirations of the sub-counties. Every voice counts, and every concern is to be addressed, embodying the true spirit of a participatory leadership approach.

In the company of esteemed elders and influential opinion leaders, this journey is more than a physical visit—it’s a step towards forging a united front to address the multifaceted needs of the Mandera County populace. The leadership, in unison, expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the warm reception, citing it as a clear indication of the community’s unwavering hospitality and unity.

With profound humility, the Mandera leadership team is not just on a visit but is embarking on a vital journey—a journey to fully understand, appreciate, and respond to the pressing needs of their people. It is a testament to their commitment to service, a dedication to the welfare of the populace, and an embodiment of participatory and responsive governance.

The Takaba visit, thus, marks a significant milestone in the annals of Mandera County’s leadership, a clear indication that the voice of the people is not just heard but is instrumental in shaping the policy and developmental trajectory of the county.

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