Health Department Kicks Off Immunization Program In The County

//Health Department Kicks Off Immunization Program In The County

Health Department Kicks Off Immunization Program In The County

Earlier today, Mandera County’s Ministry of Health Services dispatched a team of health officers from the Mandera Referral Hospital to the 7 sub-counties to undertake the KICK POLIO OUT OF KENYA immunization campaign.

The campaign was kicked off by Health CEC Mr. Ahmed Sheikh was attended by CEC Roads and Public Works Mr. Ahmed Ali, CEC Agriculture Mrs. Johora Mohamed and senior staff from the ministry of health.

The ministry has set a target of two thousand five hundred (2500) children ranging from ages of 14 days to 5 years to be immunized across all the sub counties. However, the number is expected to surpass the target due to the cross border population movement along our shared borders with Somalia and Ethiopia.

The campaign strategy to eradicate polio in Mandera involves house to house outreach to ensure every child gets immunized.

According to the CEC Health Mr. Ahmed sheikh, the responsibility of immunizing our children lies with everyone of us and will only be successful when the target communities cooperate with the health teams. Members of the community should understand the importance of immunization to a child’s immediate and long term health prospects.

Though there are several challenges, the ministry has re-doubled its efforts more than ever before to achieve its targets in each of the immunization campaigns.

Mandera is classified as being amongst high risk counties for polio disease in Kenya.



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