//H.E. Speech During the Launch of Ramadan Food Distribution Program

H.E. Speech During the Launch of Ramadan Food Distribution Program

H.E.s SPEECH During the Launch of Ramadan Food Distribution Program, 15TH MARCH 2024.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, it brings great joy to stand before you today as we embark on yet another holy month of Ramadhan. We gather here to witness the launch of the Ramadhan relief food distribution program, a noble initiative aimed at providing much-needed assistance to our vulnerable households. Across all centres in our county, we have identified over 30,000 vulnerable households who will benefit from this program. Each household will receive 12.5kgs of rice and 3 litres of cooking oil and nets, essential commodities that will help alleviate their struggles during this holy month. This target assessment for this specific distribution was done in December 2023 and was concluded in January 2024. It’s worth noting that we have been also supporting vulnerable families with both food and non-food items. I would like to take a moment to remind those in our communities who are fortunate enough to afford these necessities to display acts of kindness and generosity. By leaving out these commodities for the most vulnerable families, you are ensuring that the spirit of Ramadhan, which is rooted in compassion and charity, is truly embraced. To ensure the success of this program, I urge our administrators to work hand in hand with ulamaas, security agencies and members of the public. Together, we can ensure a smooth and efficient process, enabling these households to receive their much-needed relief without any hindrances or delays. Let me emphasize that since it’s the holy month of Ramadhan, we expect the distribution process to be marked by minimal hitches. We will take stern action against anyone found stealing these essential commodities. We must maintain the integrity of this program and ensure that it serves its intended purpose of helping those in need. I would also like to appreciate the remarkable efforts done by the Ministry of Social Development to reach out to the most desperate and vulnerable households across Mandera County on a timely basis. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the philanthropic Mandera citizens and non-state actors who have stepped forward to donate food to vulnerable families during this fasting period. Your selflessness and compassion are truly inspiring, and I commend your efforts in making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our community. In conclusion, I would like to wish you all a blessed and joyous Ramadhan. May this holy month bring us closer to our faith, instilling in us a sense of empathy and compassion for our fellow human beings. Let us work together to ensure that no one goes hungry during this sacred time.

Ramadhan Mubarak!

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