//Stakeholder Engagement for 2024/2025 Finance Bill

Stakeholder Engagement for 2024/2025 Finance Bill

Today, the Department of Revenue Services held a stakeholder engagement meeting with revenue receivers to gather their input for the draft finance bill for 2024/2025. The meeting included representatives from ten ministries, municipalities, the Delivery Unit, Monitoring & Efficiency Unit, Mandwasco, and Elwasco. The discussions led to the submission and proposal of various strategies to broaden the tax base and strengthen existing revenue streams to meet the annual targets.

CPA Samow Dakane, Director of Revenue Services, provided insights into revenue collection methods and identifying new revenue sources. He also showcased potential new revenue streams to be included in the upcoming finance bill to enhance the county’s resource pool.

For the 2024/2025 financial year, the county plans to maximize its revenue from land rates, annual business permit fees, and market collections, identified as the largest revenue sources. The Department of Revenue Services highlighted this year’s revenue collection performance, attributing success to enhanced supervision, automation, and decentralization of revenue streams to Mandera Municipality. These improvements were driven by advanced consultative decision-making and inclusivity in policy making and target setting.

The draft finance bill will soon be presented in public participation forums across all sub-counties to incorporate taxpayer input, fostering ownership and trust in the revenue system. Session Chair Mr. Mohamed Ali, CECM Health Services, shared actionable plans for revenue growth, accountability, and motivated participants to cultivate patriotism, time management, and commitment to achieve the set annual targets.

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