//HE Governor’s Speech on the Launch of Orphanage Grants

HE Governor’s Speech on the Launch of Orphanage Grants

H.E. the Deputy Governor, Hon. Speaker of the County Assembly, Members of the County Assembly, CECs, CCOs, senior staff, religious leaders and the people of Mandera county Asalam alleykum warahmatuAllah wabarakatuhu,
Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to launch part of our multi- sectoral continuous county programme to improve the livelihoods and support orphans in orphanage institutions. We are well alive to the fact that life has not been easy for orphaned families particularly in Mandera County which is vast with harsh climatic conditions. Currently, most of our orphaned families as well as those from vulnerable backgrounds rely on informal means of support from family members, friends and personal networks which are insufficient to meet their needs. In line with our Islamic teachings, I urge our people, partners and non-governmental organizations to continue giving support to orphanage institutions.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have massive gaps in trying to implement support for orphaned children. We require extensive support from the national government, development partners, non-governmental organizations, charities and all stakeholders. This will assist Mandera County Government’s commitment to mainstreaming support for orphaned children. Through the county’s Ministry of Youth, Gender and Social Services, today, we are launching Kenya Shillings 13 million that has already been channeled to;
1. Mandera Islamic center with 200 students
2. Dawa intergrated orphanage center- 427 students
3. Madrasatul Ubay Bin Kaab – 245 students
4. Al-sunnah orphanage center – 100 students
5. Al-hidaya orphanage center- 199 students
In the next financial year Insha’Allah, we plan to upscale this grant for orphanage institutions to KSHs. 18 million with the hope that the managers will admit more children to these institutions. In furtherance of our administration’s agenda to uplift the vulnerable in the society, we plan to build an orphanage for girls with both primary and secondary schools, under proper management of ladies, Insha’Allah.
With regards to support to the most vulnerable in general, in the current financial year alone, we are spending KSHs.113 million in employing 1350 vulnerable women getting KSHs. 7000 per month for greening support programme. We also have 170 vulnerable women undertaking sanitation programme getting the same amount every month. We give food support amounting to KSHs. 15 million to the orphanage institutions. Additionally, we have construction of toilets for the most vulnerable in Neboi ward amounting to about KSHs. 10 million and a housing programme for vulnerable families. We have constructed disability center at KSHs. 26 million with KSHs. 2 million extra for equipping. Ladies and gentlemen, programmes targeting only the most vulnerable households in the county amount to about KSHs. 480 million.
It is now with great pleasure that I declare the 2020/2021 Mandera County orphanage grants officially launched.
Thank you and God bless you

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