//Ministry of health launches active intervention and control measures at Kutulo

Ministry of health launches active intervention and control measures at Kutulo

28 April  2019

Mandera County’s Ministry of Health led by CEC Dr. Mohamud Eda has in the past few days instituted active intervention and control measures at Kutulo sub-county following an outbreak of cholera. The Ministry set up a cholera treatment centre (CTC) with sufficient supplies and staff to ensure the disease is contained and further spread prevented. The index case was an imported one from Nairobi.

Since the outbreak, a total of 102 cases were detected and treated, with no deaths occurring among patients who came to CTC on time. Only one child died due to delay at home by the parents. The CEC apologised for the death.

In the last 24 hours, the county recorded only three admissions. Apart from the active case management, a team of public health officers led community interventions together with Community Health Workers and volunteers.

The Ministry also activated Health rapid response teams in all sub-counties to detect and deal with any spill-over effects. Public sensitization on hygiene, provision of water treatment tools and information on disease prevention strategies are ongoing in all the sub-counties.

We would like to encourage the public to seek help in case of any illness and report to nearest facilities for any health situation that is out the ordinary. Hand washing and using acqua tabs or boiling drinking water is advised.

As from Monday this week InshaAllah, public health officers in all the sub-counties will go round all schools to inspect sanitary situation and deliver health education talks. Kaa chonjo! Stay safe! Observe personal hygiene and drink safe water!

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