//Governor Ali Roba’s ninth media briefing on measures to combat Covid-19

Governor Ali Roba’s ninth media briefing on measures to combat Covid-19

This is our continued update on COVID-19 in our county
1. I would like to take this early opportunity to wish you all a Happy Labour Day.
2. On the 29th April 2020, we tested a total of 27 people for COVID 19 from Mandera county. 9 of the persons were from the quarantined people in Elwak, 11 persons are from quarantined people in Rhamu, 1 person is from the Quarantined people at KMTC Mandera town and 6 are the positive cases undergoing treatment at isolation ward in MCRH. We are relieved to report that all the persons in various quarantine facilities at Elwak, Rhamu and KMTC Mandera have tested negative for COVID-19 and have accordingly been released.
3. Of the 8 COVID-19 cases tested from the isolation ward, one person has completely recovered from COVID-19 after two tests were carried out and therefore has been released from the isolation facility.
4. Two others who were initially positive have also recovered and have now tested negative awaiting for a second test to further validate the first test before release them from the isolation ward.
5. The remaining 5 patients are progressing very well and we are optimistic insha’Allah very soon they will also recover.
6. We have so far tested 24 frontline health personnel and alhamdulillah they have all shown negative test results. This has increased the confidence levels of our medical personnel in dealing with COVID 19 patients safely. We are giving our health personnel all the necessary support including protective equipment to support the execution of their responsibilities safely and effectively. We have so far tested a total of 134 people despite our long distance from the nearest testing facility since the first case was diagnosed in the county.
7. We still have a few more people in quarantine within the county to test. I therefore wish to request the Ministry of Health to send us a fight to carry the samples of these cases for timely testing.
8. We have grave concerns about the unfolding COVID-19 Situation in Somalia and its potential to spill over into our region, we appeal to the non state actors to provide support to our neighbouring towns of Bulla Hawa and Elwak Somalia as urgently as possible. Coronavirus is a global challenge without borders hence requires concerted efforts by all to mitigate its severity through supporting one another. Unfortunately, we have no capacity to help our neighbours as we used to support during the outbreaks of other pandemics because this pandemic is affecting everybody at the same time. We urge our public to avoid cross border movements during the period of this pandemic.
9. We are likely to have a lot of false alarms arising from fevers which is as a result of mosquitoes during this rainy season. We urge you to come to the hospital for testing without being alarmed.
10. Recently we carried out an assessment on the population to identify the vulnerable families requiring relief food support. The assessment identified 86000 households requiring support however, we further categorised in terms of the degree of vulnerability and identified 4300 households as those requiring urgent attention. We determined that of the 43000 households, 10, 000 households are at risk of starvation. On the 29th of April we have distributed 693 metric tonnes of relief food to the initial 10,000 households we identified as the most vulnerable in our society at risk of starvation.
11. We appreciate immensely the support of COCOP who are the local partners of WFP in Mandera County for the support they have given us through the distribution of an additional 450 metric tonnes of assorted food to 7000 households in three sub-counties of Mandera North, Mandera West and Banisa. We appeal to WFP to consider adding the remaining four sub counties of Mandera East, Lafey, Mandera South and Kutulo sub-counties who have the same vulnerability index as the three they are supporting.
12. Finally, as we register some improvements in our situation, we must continue with the measures required to fight the spread of coronavirus in our country and our county. Even when you test negative assume you have it… this is what experts have advised us. Please continue practicing social distancing, wash your hands with soap regularly, cover your mouth and nose with masks or improvised cloths. Covering your mouth does not mean carrying the masks hanging on your chins or beards but it means fully covering your mouth and nose. The fabric used must three ply (3 layers), avoid unnecessary movements, preferably stay at home unless it is completely unavoidable, report to nearest health facility if you have sore throat, fever, or when you are coughing and sneezing among other symptoms.

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