//Governor Ali Roba’s seventh media briefing on measures to contain Coronavirus

Governor Ali Roba’s seventh media briefing on measures to contain Coronavirus

1. As you may have heard from the Ministry of Health briefings, the tests carried out on the 30 people in quarantine in Mandera returned with 4 new positive cases for COVID-19 bringing the total number of patients diagnosed with Coronavirus in Mandera County to six. This effectively means that the public must take this seriously and understand the reality that Coronavirus is here with us and if we do not heed the advise of experts we are likely to suffer catastrophic
2. The four new patients were in contact with the first two cases. They
were passengers on the same bus with the two persons who tested positive after the journey from Nairobi to Mandera.
3. Our appeal for more test kits to be availed to us which was responded to by the National Ministry of Health and helped us diagnose more patients that would have otherwise remained unknown, hence
unattended to increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19 in Mandera County.
4. We still appeal for more support in availing more test kits and logistics to facilitate timely testing of more people in the quarantine facilities as the discovery of the four new cases of COVID -19 means more contact tracing for the four and more people to be quarantined leading to further needs for more testing.
5. Our biggest challenge in dealing with this pandemic in terms of the
control of its spread remains enforcement challenges of the measures designed for the control of COVID-19. We need maximum cooperation from our security teams for us to
6. Mandera County has implemented some incentives for the team of medical personnel assigned to deal with COVID-19. This special team of health workers specifically assigned to help us deal with these challenges. They are also getting accommodated in a hotel specifically hired to support these health personnel so that we protect their families from getting inadvertently infected by this virus. We have also implemented special allowance for the selected health personnel for the period of this pandemic. We appeal for Salaries Remuneration Commission to understand that these are extra ordinary situations that demand for extra ordinary measures. These healthcare
workers deserve to be uniquely supported by all.
7. So far, we have availed enough protective equipment for our health personnel. They have been properly equipped to deal with this pandemic, however as the cases increase we need more protective equipment support from the COVID-19 coordinating teams in Nairobi under the Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe. We need all the relevant support required for us to effectively manage the health challenges posed by this pandemic both for the protection of health personnel and for the management of these COVID-19 patients.
8. As we continue dealing with these challenges we are discovering many hidden costs that are only coming to light as we isolate more contacts. These are mainly in the areas of boarding and lodging for quarantined contacts. We appeal for the national coordinating team to be cognizant of these challenges and give us some resource support for effective management of contacts and quarantine facilities.
9. While we assure the public that we are doing our best to fight this pandemic, we want to categorically state that, as a county, we are ill equipped to deal with these challenges of COVID- 19. As such, theNational Ministry of Health must be aware of these realities and provide appropriate support for us to manage the challenges. Our fragile health system is not adequately prepared to deal with this heavy challenge of COVID-19 outbreak. This is a health challenge that has tested the best health systems globally. We are no match for these challenges. But we guarantee to do our best in leaving no stone unturned to give it our best under the circumstances.
10. From the look of things, it is only through extreme vigilance that we can remain proactive and contain the spread of this pandemic. I have great concerns that lack capacity, preparedness and poor enforcements by our security partners will lead to extreme exposure to this pandemic in the country. Tracing patients or their contacts requires collective efforts from all of us in the country. Voluntary actions by possible contacts and their families will save them and will also save many lives.
11. For COVID-19 response, we have upgraded our initial response capacity at two facilities in the County. As we pray to the Almighty
Allah to help us out of this pandemic, we have to prepare for the worst. We have 78 beds in total ready for use as of today. At Mandera Accident and Emergency Center, we have 43 beds ready which comprises of 7 ICU beds, 2 HDU beds and 34 general beds. At the Elwak Accident and Emergency center, we have 35 beds ready for COVID-19 response out of which 4 are ICU BEDS and 2 are HDU BEDS and 29 general beds. This is the initial set up as we prepare to
have response capacities ready in all the Subcounty hospitals in the county.
12. We urge the public to stay home and avoid unnecessary movements. Remember that CORONAVIRUS DOES NOT SPREAD BY ITSELF BUT IS SPREAD BY PEOPLE MOVING FROM PLACE TO PLACE. What we see in Mandera has resulted from two passengers who traveled by bus. This is our new reality, as such; the public must take the advice given to them by health departments. Stay home, maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, maintain good level of hygiene and wear masks when visiting public areas if you must go out. Avoid leaving your
home towns, villages and centers during this period.
13. Recently after the Presidential directive stopping movements out of
Nairobi, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale, buses have continued to pick passengers outside these zoned areas. Recently a bus that was to carry 25 passengers in line with the guidelines of social distancing was intercepted with 61 passengers. When we quarantined the passengers, due to poor enforcement support more than 30 were released from quarantine by security officers. So we are dealing with indiscipline cases among the public and our officers. I urge our security teams to understand that Coronavirus is a life threatening disease that can only be countered effectively through disciplined collective effort from all of us. We must enforce the rules indiscriminately and with a zeal for success.
14. Finally, as from 20th April 2020, Mandera County Government
will start distribution of food rations to the most vulnerable people in the society and this programme has been planned to continue until end of June 2020.
ThankYou All. Stay at home, Stay Safe. Observe social distancing and
Wash hands regularly. Coronavirus is real.

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