//Governor Roba launches second batch of relief food distribution

Governor Roba launches second batch of relief food distribution

Mandera Governor Ali Roba today launched the second round of relief food distribution to cushion locals from effects of Covid-19 and floods.
Mr Roba flagged off trucks ferrying 259 tones of rice, beans and vegetable oil to be given to 13,252 vulnerable families.
Also targeted to benefit from the relief rations whose monthly distribution started in April are Duksi teachers, people living with Hiv/Aids and Internally Displaced Persons.
The county economic hardship time is occasioned by Covid-19, the closure of the borders between Ethiopia and Somalia and lockdown within the county and country that has negatively interrupted the communities livelihood and significantly affected the food prices for low income earners and zero income families.
The Mandera county government, Mr Roba said, supplied relief rations to 22,149 families including IDPs, Duksi teachers, special groups and flood victims along the riverine from Border Point 1 to Malkamari in April and May.
The June supplies that were flagged off outside the county headquarters in Mandera Town included 6,625 bags of 25Kgs of rice, 1060 bags of 50kgs of beans and 2,209 cartons of 18 litres of cooking oil.
In Mandera East sub-county, some 1850 most vulnerable families are to get the donations, 541 Dugsi teachers, and 1623 special groups of people living with Hiv/Aids, non-locals and fire victims.
In Lafey, 800 needy families are to benefit, 123 teachers and 30 special groups members.
In Banissa, 800 families needy families are to get the food, 30 special needs members and 285 teachers.
In Mandera South, some 640 vulnerable families are to get the rations, 370 teachers and 30 special group members.
In Kutulo, 500 poor families will get the relief supplies, 250 teachers and 30 special needs members.
In Mandera West, 800 poor families are targeted under the June Countywide Emergency Relief Food distribution , 300 teachers and 30 special needs families.
In Mandera North, 800 families are to get the rations, 300 teachers and 30 special groups members.
Mr Roba thanked the Direct Aid International based in Kuwait and their African Muslim Agency for donating 20 tones of relief supplies to Mandera East residents and urged {other non-state actors to emulate this good gesture during this hardship time of Coronavirus.{
The governor said immense measures are needed to save locals lives due to effects of Covid-19, floods and other disasters.
Parts of Mandera bordering River Daua suffered major floods in May leaving hundreds of people displaced and their houses and farms washed away.
Mandera County is one of the counties that reported first index cases of Coronavirus in April and was placed under a lockdown due to increased cases and being a hotspot following its porous border with Somalia and Ethiopia.
The governor Roba administration has however recorded tremendous success in fighting the pandemic due to its preparedness and crucial intervention measures that has resulted to 17 out of 18 Covid-19 patients being discharged after testing negative.
More than 700 people in the county have been tested of Covid-19.
Governor Roba has appealed to the national government to release money allocated to the county to fight Covid-19 and its effects on locals adding that the region was still at risk of spread of the vir

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