//Mandera’s Proactive Step: Launching the nOPV2 Polio Vaccination Campaign

Mandera’s Proactive Step: Launching the nOPV2 Polio Vaccination Campaign

Mandera County has taken a decisive step in public health by launching the novel oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2) campaign, led by CECM Health, Mohamed Ali Omar. The campaign, which was delayed from its original schedule of November 11, 2023, due to impassable roads caused by El Niño rains, marks a critical initiative in safeguarding the health of the county’s children.

This second cycle of the round 2 polio campaign represents a major advancement in the county’s ongoing efforts to combat polio, a disease that poses a significant threat to children worldwide. The nOPV2 vaccine is a testament to scientific progress, offering a safer and more effective means of fighting the global impact of polio.

The need for this campaign is underscored by the outbreak of cVDPV2 polio in the neighboring Garissa County, where 8 cases have been confirmed. In response, Mandera County has strategically planned this vaccination drive in high-risk areas to prevent the spread of the virus.

Aiming to vaccinate 268,678 children aged between zero to five, the nOPV2 campaign in Mandera County is determined to achieve 100% coverage in this vulnerable demographic. This ambitious effort relies on the commitment of healthcare workers, as well as the support from communities and various organizations.

At the campaign’s launch, CECM Health highlighted the collective responsibility to protect every child from polio, regardless of their geographical location. He acknowledged the invaluable contributions of healthcare professionals, the national Ministry of Health (MoH), WHO, UNICEF, Core Group Polio Project, ACF, Save the Children International, and the Kenya Red Cross Society in this fight against poliovirus.

Envisioned as a pivotal step towards eradicating poliovirus, the campaign is a cornerstone in the pursuit of a healthier future for all children in Mandera County.

The successful organization and execution of the campaign were also attributed to the collaborative efforts of the Director of Public Health, Director of Medical Services, and the Chief County Officer (CCO) of Public Health.

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