//Mandera County to Launch Pioneering AJS County ACTION Plan

Mandera County to Launch Pioneering AJS County ACTION Plan

The corridors of Mandera County’s administration were abuzz with progressive discussions today as the Governor welcomed the steering committee of NaSCI-AJS. The committee, comprising esteemed members Jemima Aluda, Timothy Mwichigi, and Mzee Ahmed Set, delved into insightful deliberations about the future of the Administration of Justice System (AJS) in the county.

Central to their discussion was the imminent launch of the AJS suite and the AJS County ACTION plan. This initiative places Mandera County on the forefront of justice reform, making it the second county to launch such a plan following Nakuru County’s successful inauguration in May 2023.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the vital training of elders, religious leaders, and ward administrators on the AJS’s nuances. A significant part of the discussion revolved around the secondment of specialized staff to manage and oversee the smooth operation of the AJS suite.

Expressing enthusiasm about this collaboration, the Governor remarked, “Mandera is not only taking steps to advance its judicial mechanisms but is also setting a stellar example for other regions and even countries to emulate.” This commitment, in association with esteemed organizations like the Kenya Judiciary and UNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, is anticipated to drive significant progress in the county’s justice system.

Mandera County’s ambition and foresight in the justice sector are palpable. As they gear up for the official launch, there’s a palpable promise of elevating the standards of justice delivery, underscoring the county’s commitment to progress and prosperity.

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