//Governor Ali Roba’s second media briefing on Coronavirus

Governor Ali Roba’s second media briefing on Coronavirus

Further to our public health directives on Covid-19 issued on 17th March 2020, the following additional restrictions have been added and must be implemented fully:-
1. Adhere to restrictions given by COVID-19 task force chaired by Cabinet Secretary for Health Mr. Mutahi Kagwe;
2. MCG media department to circulate in all social media platforms targeting the entire county;
3. Mandera County Government shall implement special allowance for Doctors, Nurses, Clinical Officers and Health Workers assigned to the COVID-19 response as a motivation gesture;
4. Weddings must be conducted through private NIKKAH, Chiefs , sub-county and ward administrators to enforce this requirement;
5. Ban on miraa transportation and sale within the county remains in force and we ask the public to bear with us, because it is temporary restriction occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic;
6. No formal and informal meetings such as Fadi Kudhirir at Miraa selling joints, hotels and restaurants;
7. All political meetings or religious gatherings are hereby banned within Mandera County and all politicians and religious leaders to take note and comply;
8. Movement of people BETWEEN Mandera Town, Bulahawa and Malka Suftu are restricted except for movement of food stuff;
SAME rule applies in Elwak Somali and Elwak Kenya, Damasa Kenya and Damasa Somalia. All residents of Mandera are encouraged to limit travels to and from Nairobi;
9. All parents are ordered to confine children within their plots or houses and chiefs to ensure children do not congregate at play grounds. Chiefs are hereby ordered to enforce this directive;
10. Public health departments to fumigate all public spaces, including hospitals, Markets, Police stations, security and public offices;
11. Visit to patients in hospital is banned: – public are advised to leave patient care to hospital staff, no visitor is allowed to the hospital wards Ministry of Health to enforce;
12. Buses and Matatus ordered to enforce the COVID-19 task force regulations of social distance, sanitization and regular hand washing. Strictly limit number of passengers in line with social distance recommendations;
13. All Mosques, Dugsi, Madrassas and Churches are ordered to close. The public is advised to pray at their homes to avoid large gatherings for prayers. However, Adhan (call for prayers to continue with the message of pray at your homes);
14. Funeral gatherings are restricted to family members and those in attendance to strictly observe social distancing;
15. Avoid unnecessary visits to markets, cyber cafes, and play stations, gyms, public offices, police stations, football grounds and other crowded areas;
16. Myths and misinformation –Avoid misleading information like- Muslims don’t get infected by Coronavirus –This is FALSE. There is a popular myth that in hot weather there’s no coronavirus – this is FALSE; rely on the information from the doctors, County and National Government advisories on COVID-19;
17. If you have the symptoms of the disease like coughs, sneezing or high fever call for help or visit health facility near you;
18. In case of death immediately inform health staff or chiefs to help with disinfection;
19. Finally only the Almighty Allah can bail us out of these pandemic of COVID-19, please let us all pray to God for protection and healing.
Thank you.

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