//Cross Border Peace meeting Between Somali Region of Ethiopia and Mandera County

Cross Border Peace meeting Between Somali Region of Ethiopia and Mandera County

A two-day cross border peace meeting had concluded on 17th may, 2021. The peace meeting was between the political leadership of Mandera County, the county security team and the Adminstration of Dawa Zone and Liban zone led by their respective provincial commissioners, Mr Mohamed Ali Kunaye and Mr Mohamed Mohamud Adan with their delegation.
In attendance were:
1. H.E. Captain Ali Roba, the Governor, Mandera County Government
2. H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Arai, Deputy Governor, Mandera County
3. Hassanur Hassan, CAS, Sports and Heritage,
4. Peter Lotulia Ngeleyo, Deputy County Commissioner, Banisa Sub- County,
5. Mohamed Ali Kunaye , Commissioner, Dawa zone, Somali region, Ethiopia
6. Mohamed Mohamud Adan, Commissioner, Liben zone, Somali region
7. Hon. Senator Mohamud Mohamed Maalim,
8. MPs, Hon. Omar Mohamed Maalim (Mandera East), Hon. Maj (Rtd) Bashir Abdullahi (Mandera North), Hon. Adan Ali Sheikh (Mandera South) and Hon. Kullow Maalim Hassan (Banisa)
9. Hon. Mohamed Adan Khalif (Speaker Mandera County Assembly)

After a fruitful discussion, the following resolutions were reached:-
1. It was agreed that both administrations of Kenya and Ethiopia to apprehend the criminals behind the recent killings and ensure they face the full force of the law.
2. We all commit as Kenyans and Ethiopians to treat criminals as criminals and not community representatives.
3. The Ethiopian authorities undertake to organize a peace meeting between Garre and Degodia to be organized by Dawa and Liban Zone administrations in Hawassa at a date to be communicated soon.
4. We undertake that the administration of Kenya in Mandera County and Ethiopian Liban and Dawa Zones administration take full responsibility to enforce security within their borders
5. We undertake as administration of Ethiopia of Liban and Dawa zone to upscale administrative and security activities along the common border with Kenya.
6. It was agreed that the two administrative units should share intelligence information between them on all security related matters.
7. The leaders commit to undertake regular and structured meetings to promote cohesion and inter community peace across the borders of Kenya and Ethiopia.
8. The communities along the border of Kenya and Ethiopia to report security incidences to the respective administration within their respective jurisdiction in good time.

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