//Governor Ali Roba’s remarks during pass out parade of traffic marshals, drug control officers and rapid response teams

Governor Ali Roba’s remarks during pass out parade of traffic marshals, drug control officers and rapid response teams

Ladies and gentlemen,
It gives me pleasure to preside over this pass out parade of our officers fully trained by the County Government.

Today marks another milestone in the training and capacity building of our special units who will be assigned specific roles in controlling traffic within Mandera Municipality, another group tasked with coordinating efforts to root out drug menace and our Rapid Response Team for restoring order.

The training marks the end of a 40-day rigorous course on surveillance techniques, drill for parade, and life saving first aid skills.

A total of 140 officers have benefitted from the training aimed at strengthening the capacity and knowledge of our enforcement department officers in marshaling traffic, complementing efforts in detecting drug menace in partnership with National Police Service and National and International Government Agencies and partners.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Coordinated efforts are vital to the success of rooting out drug menace in Mandera County and our beloved Nation of Kenya. Fighting against the drug menace is a shared responsibility of the world community. We appeal for support from local and international partners because you are aware, Mandera is a county with two international borders-Ethiopia and Somalia.
We expect the support of members of the public, the political and religious leadership, the business community and the national and international government agencies to win this war.

We all have a responsibility to guard our youthful population from drug and substance abuse.

As part of our roll out programme, we have seconded 35 officers to Mandera Municipality to support the fire brigade, traffic control, and ensuring urban plans are followed and encroachment of roads, way leaves and public spaces are protected from land grabbers.

I now wish to congratulate all trainees, instructors from the Nairobi City County for conducting a successful training with limited resources.

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