//Governor Ali Roba’s speech during the launch of support for vulnerable groups- PWDs, youth & women

Governor Ali Roba’s speech during the launch of support for vulnerable groups- PWDs, youth & women

Mandera Governor Ali Roba during handing over of the equipment to empower persons living with disabilities, women and youth

Excellency Deputy Governor, Members of the County Assembly, CECs, CCOs, senior staff, and the people of Mandera County,
Asalam Alleykum WarahmatuAllah wabarakatuhu.
1. Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to launch part of our multi- sectoral county programme to improve the livelihoods and support for people living with disabilities, youth, women and other vulnerable groups to create an enabling environment with equal opportunities.
2. We are well alive to the fact that life has not been easy for persons living with disabilities particularly in Mandera County which is vast with harsh climatic conditions. Currently, most of our people living with disabilities as well as those from vulnerable backgrounds rely on informal means of support, from family members, friends, and personal networks, which are insufficient to meet their needs.
3. In line with Muslim teachings I urge our people, partners and non-governmental organisations to continue giving support to our brothers and sisters generously. We all know that giving and receiving support is part of the human experience for all of us. We are well aware that some persons with disabilities require specific forms of support for daily activities and social participation. People with multiple impairments or older persons require personal assistants to help them but quite often families are too poor to afford. These range from activities like dressing and eating, to living independently, getting around and working.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba when he handed over equipment worth millions of shillings to persons living with disabilities, women and youth to enable them live a productive life

4. Ladies and gentlemen, the key message in today’s event is that we have a lot of stigma and discrimination against persons with disabilities. We need to embrace them and offer them opportunities. To this end, I humbly request families with children with disabilities to bring them forward for registration in schools and as we mobilize support from County government and well-wishers. No parent should hide any child at home or deny them a chance to access education.
5. Similarly, I hereby direct the Ministry Roads and Public Works to ensure that all public buildings, offices, markets and ECDEs have ramps and facilities for easy access as part of our approach in setting standards, regulating and providing services to persons with disabilities.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba shakes hands with one of the beneficiaries of equipment donated by the county government

6. Ladies and gentlemen, we must admit we have massive gaps in trying to implement support for persons with disabilities, youth and vulnerable women will require extensive support from the national government, development partners, non-governmental organisations, charities and all stakeholders. This will assist Mandera County Government’s commitment to mainstreaming support and opportunities for persons with disabilities in line with provisions of our Constitution.
7. Through our Ministry of Youth, Gender and Social Services, the County Government is implementing this project to uplift the vulnerable groups to be productive members of the society. Our responsive interventions include:
i. Mobility kits among them 31 motorized and manual wheelchairs, 45 adjustable elbow crutches for persons living with disabilities.
ii. We have empowered them with income generating equipment including 32 chest freezers, 52 sewing machines to support them to be economically active and become socially included.
iii. While investing in vulnerable women, we have provided income generating equipment that includes five medium three level ovens, juice blenders, 56 assorted salon equipment. Well aware that we are pastoralists in our DNA, we have provided a few metal milk cans of 20 litre capacity to support storage and transport of milk as we experiment before a mass roll out plan.
iv. For the Youth groups, we have provided 10 motorcycles, three automatic egg incubators, four car wash machines,2 desktop computers and 2 laser jet printers to support access to information and online opportunities through cybercafés.
8. Finally, I wish you all success in your endeavours with this small support and I request the Ministry of Youth and Gender to start an annual prize for rewarding those who make a difference with the little support they receive from the County Government. I will personally set aside a Sh500, 000 prize money for such a group or individual who excel or showcase innovation going forward in their work places or businesses.
I also take this opportunity to welcome the New CEC for Gender to take the mantle from today and steer this programme to greater heights.
Thank you.

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