//Village Administrators and Enforcement Officers at Naivasha for Training

Village Administrators and Enforcement Officers at Naivasha for Training

Today, the department of Devolved Units officially commenced the training of newly recruited Village Administrators, Chief Enforcement Assistant Officers, Senior Enforcement Assistant Officers ,Enforcement Band Unit and Enforcement Assistant lll Officers at National Youth Service Training College, Naivasha. The training which will be going on for a period of 43 days was officially opened by CECM Public service, Conflict management, Devolved Units and Inspectorate and Enforcement Services Mr. Abdiaziz Said. According to the CECM, the core objective of the training is to equip the recruits with the desirable knowledge and skills/talent that will enable them execute their mandates effectively and efficiently.
Some of the areas of training are;
1. Coordination, management and supervision of the general administrative functions in the village level including public participation,project supervision and service delivery to the citizens.
2. Respect for authority and discipline as well as ability to discipline oneself and maintaining own morale.
3. Development of officer’s pride in organization, comradeship and loyalty.
4. Familiarization of the new officers with departmental procedures and regulations including the County government Act,Enforcement Act among others.
5. Implementation of relevant enforcement laws, policies, systems, standards and policies.
6. Collaboration with other enforcement agencies in the course of work, including National Government Administration and National Police Service.
The County Chief Officer Devolved Units, Inspectorate and Enforcement Services Lawyer Yussuf Didow reiterated on the need to observe the laid down regulations at the college “ Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. It is the foundation of success” as he encouraged the recruits to take the training with the seriousness it deserves.
The Commanding officer of the NYS Naivasha Campus welcomed the team and introduced the programme instructors.
Senior Departmental officers present were; Director Inspectorate and Enforcement Service Mr. Eymoi Ibrahim (OGW), Assistant Director Administration Service Mr. Mustafa S. Osman and Mr. Ibrahim Robow, Assistant Director Inspectorate & Enforcement Services in charge of discipline and training.
Governor Roba’s administration is committed to providing timely, effective and efficient services to the residents of Mandera county across every village to keep the spirit of devolution alive.

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