//EU-IGAD COVID 19 Response for Mandera County

EU-IGAD COVID 19 Response for Mandera County

International Organization for Migration with funding from European Union through IGAD and its implementing partner WARDA donated medical supplies to the Mandera County Department of Health in a response to the health and socio-economic impact of COVID 19.

The supplies which include 3 ply surgical masks, examination gloves, coverall gown, N-95 masks, hand sanitisers among other items meant to help health officers in the county in the fight against Covid-19 were received at the Mandera County Referral Hospital by the County Secretary Mr Abdinur Maalim Hussein and the County Health team led by Chief Officer Rahma Abdullahi.

Speaking during the supplies handover event, Mandera County Secretary thanked the IGAD-EU for the donation response. “As county Government of Mandera we don’t take the donation for granted and we thank the effort made by the implementing partner WARDA to ensure this timely donation reaches us,” said Mr Abdinur.

“These consignments have been donated at the right time. The County Government is getting a lot of stress due to the shortage of these items. The donation has off late been minimal and we urge other actors to follow suit and give us a lending ear with regards to COVID-19 mitigation,” added Mr Abdinur.

The IGAD-EU response will also further deliver consignments to support the Mandera County Molecular Lab in an effort that has been lauded by the county health team.

“The donation has been done in good faith by IOM and IGAD through the implementing partner. We have been informed that Molecular lab supplies will be delivered and we are grateful for the strides being made in response to Covid-19 mitigation,” said Rahma Abdullahi.

The Mandera County molecular lab has been helpful with tests of covid-19 and other viruses conducted in Mandera. Previously, patients are forced to wait for days for their samples to be sent to Nairobi and receive the results.

The county had been relying on transporting samples to Nairobi for testing since April 5 when the first case was reported, which officials said was not only costly but also led to delays in receiving the results.

However, the laboratory which also serves the residents of the Mandera triangle from the neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia and Somalia has faced challenges especially in terms of limited supplies. The donations will further boost the county’s effort in the fight against covid 19

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