//Mandera leaders statement on the security crisis in Mandera Town

Mandera leaders statement on the security crisis in Mandera Town

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, in front of you are the elected leaders from Mandera county.
This press statement is meant to give the country an update on the state of affairs in Mandera in as far as the current security crises is concerned.
To start with, we welcome the agreement between our President Uhuru Kenyatta and the President of Somalia Farmajo on the de-escalation of the tension between the two warring factions along Kenya-Somalia border.
As North Eastern leaders, and being immediate neighbours with Somalia, we believe we can add value and remain committed to being part of the National Security and strategic interests of our country.
This is what we know so far.
1.Over the last one month there has been a major fallout between the Regional Government of Jubaland and the Federal Government of Somalia. Whatever reasons that triggered it not withstanding, the Federal Government decided to take over the administrative and security control of the Border towns of Beled Hawo and Dolo. This action has led to the complete displacement of Jubaland administration and its security forces who decided to cross over into Kenyan territory and stayed at border point one in Mandera. What followed was heavy build up of security in Beled Hawo by the Federal Government.
2.On Monday the 2nd of March the two forces attacked each other with unknown casualties on both sides but left 12 people injured in Mandera town due to stray bullets where one succumbed to the injury.
3.Since then, there has not been any attacks between the warring factions however there is heavy security build up on both sides of the warring factions. This situation has created panic and led to the displacement of people from the following centres around Mandera Town:- Bulla Customs, Bulla Garay, Bulla Mpya, Bulla Arabia, Bulla Busle and Border point 1.
4.The unpredictability of the situation is extremely worrying for the population and as leaders we are caught in between diplomatic challenges between our nation and Somalia as a result of the spillover effects of the conflict between warring factions from Somalia which has major impact on the security of Mandera People. It has become extremely difficult to balance between supporting our Government’s position and representation of the plight of our population who are involuntarily caught up in this conflict making it impossible for us to keep quite while our people are suffering.
5.In the absence of any meaningful engagement by National Security managers with the leaders, we are left in a situation where the public has no guidance from their leaders and the National Government. It is very awkward position for any leader to be in, while the population look up to the leadership for answers. Such situation of hopelessness can be very frustrating to say the least. We request the government to diffuse this tension and reassure the public of their safety and security. So far the situation taking shape in Mandera county is that of eroded public trust in their own government as a result of neglect, misplaced priority and putting the interest of external region over and above that of its own citizens. We refuse to accept that the interest of other external entities supersede that of our population. We therefore demand that our government expels this foreign forces from MANDERA with immediate effect.
6. Finally, We appeal to HE president Uhuru Kenyatta to help contain this situation urgently to guarantee the safety and security of our population.
We take this opportunity to request Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Hon Eugene Wamalwa to help with humanitarian intervention for the hundreds of displaced persons in Mandera Town.

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